Cold winter winds can dry your eyes

In winter, due to low humidity; you may have to struggle with dry skin, chapped lips and dry eyes. Eye Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Fatih Atmaca said, “In winter, the humidity decreases in cold weather. “Itchy eyes is a common problem in the winter and is caused by low humidity,” she says.

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Heating and air conditioners operating at high temperatures in cold weather cause eye dryness. Eye Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Fatih Atmaca gave important advice to prevent our eyes from getting dry in winter.

Cold outside air and heated indoor air generally have less humidity than other environments. In winter, most people turn on the heat in their homes or offices to fight the cold. Finally, the humidity level drops. That’s
Increase your Omega-3 intake.

Do not set the heater towards your face in a car
“Do not blow the heat directly on your face as this will dry the moisture in your eyes. Especially in your car, direct the heater holes towards your lower body, not your face. Fatih Atmaca said, “When you are outside, use protective glasses or a hat with a visor to prevent dust and wind from entering your eyes.”

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