Change your thoughts, change your destiny!

The people we meet in our lives, the events and conditions we experience are the result of our thoughts. Negative or positive, every thought recorded in the subconscious will happen one day. We must be aware of the power of the subconscious in order to be free in the journey of life and to draw our own route.

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When a thought that we think in our conscious mind descends to the subconscious, it is processed for realization regardless of whether it is right, wrong, good or bad, since it is not relative in the subconscious mind. At this point, it is necessary to look at our formed core beliefs. This means that if we can connect and reveal the hidden power of our subconscious, it is possible to change our lives profoundly!

Founder of MTB Academia Quantum Instructor Murat Tulga Buyruk gave information to readers to get rid of our subconscious burdens and take responsibility for our lives.

First, we should know ourselves well and learn to think correctly

murat tulga buyruk mtb academia “We are all conscious beings and the subconscious is the place where the life we ​​live outside is formed and shaped inside us. We do what we focus on, what we focus on. By connecting and unlocking the hidden power of your subconscious mind, you can profoundly change your life. However, the burdens on our shoulders in the journey of life and the intense pace of life make us forget this. Unless what we think and what we expect are not the same, our life is not going in the direction we want. Especially the negative charges and root beliefs that accumulate in our subconscious cause us to experience the same negativities over and over again.”

It is important to balance the upper conscious and subconscious minds

We must understand the concepts of consciousness and subconscious. Consciousness is a system that operates and emerges in the brain. It is divided into two as superconscious and subconscious. We think, comprehend and reason with our conscious mind. When these thoughts, which we think in the superconscious and often repeat and become accustomed to, descend into the subconscious, the command In fact, the phrase that our elders used to say, that if you think well it will be good, if you think badly it will be bad, is the simplest expression of this and it is true. Science proves it anyway.

27 percent of our brain is superconscious. 73 percent of it is subconscious

In fact, it is the consciousness that governs our lives. is stolen. Whatever is related to our health or in our material and spiritual life has been formed by our subconscious mind, as a result of our thoughts. In short, our only power is our own thoughts and we must realize this now. There is nothing a person can take from the outside; Our world, with all its events, is created by our thoughts. The most destructive thoughts also have the power to create, we are also creators of negativity. Instead of reacting to the world we have created, we should know how to follow the hot traces of events, to neutralize and eliminate them by returning to the self-states that produced them.

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What we need to keep in mind the most important point; The unconscious is always in the moment, there is no concept of time, so there is no past, future or relative for the unconscious. The only material of the subconscious mind is our thoughts and its task is to make us relive our thoughts over and over. In short, when a thought that we think in our conscious mind descends to the subconscious, it is processed to be realized regardless of whether it is right, wrong, good or bad, since it is not relative in the subconscious. At this point, it is necessary to look at our formed core beliefs.

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basarili olmak icin uzak durmaniz gereken 8 dusunce Core belief, from the womb It is the systematic collection of thought patterns about ourselves that are coded into our subconscious starting from the beginning. In a way, they are the individual conclusions we draw after events that affected us in childhood. These seemingly harmless consequences occur as a thought accompanied by an intensity of emotion. Then it settles into our subconscious as a belief without us even realizing it. Over time, this situation begins to shape our behaviors, emotions and even the flow of our lives.

Behind most of the negativities that go wrong in our lives are the misconceptions we acquired when we were little, namely core beliefs. For this reason, it is necessary to stop the negative trend and to clear the core beliefs that disrupt the flow and balance of your life.

The reason why we say getting rid of burdens with subconscious cleansing is because it gives a feeling of purification. However, no deletion takes place. For this, the memory must be erased, which is not possible. That’s why we call this work subconscious reprogramming. Exactly what we do is change and transform by changing the meanings you attach to negative emotions.

Negative records are transformed with music, frequency and color therapy

muzik kulaklik kadin hobi kanepe It is possible for us to transform a negative record in the subconscious. For this, it is necessary to see both the negative and positive sides of the events experienced with an objective and balanced mind.

Knowing the working system of the subconscious well, replacing unhealthy thoughts with healthy new thoughts is the first step in improving our lives. If we feed the subconscious with correct and beautiful thoughts, our immune system will be strengthened, and we will lead a healthier life both physically and spiritually.

Heal with sound frequencies

Science has proven that everything in the universe vibrates in its own specific frequency range, and it has determined that every organ in our body and every hormone that affects our emotions has its own frequency ranges. Negative if the frequency is distorted, positive if the frequency is smooth and harmonious. All the sounds of the universe, our breathing, birds, the ocean, even colors are all frequencies. Each frequency has a different effect on the parts of our brain and body. We can achieve spiritual and physical transformation by using the healing ones from the infinite frequencies of the universe. Because music comes from the essence and touches the essence. Inspiration and goodness from the essence always focus on healing. The frequency of the essence is in harmony and harmony.

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