Causes tinnitus can be the cause of diabetes!

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Tinnitus, which manifests itself as a ringing sound, humming, ringing, rustling, pulse sounds, is one of the problems that people of all ages experience from time to time. It may take less than five minutes, it may take a week. This is quite common and normal. Although the causes of tinnitus have not yet been fully explained, it is known to be a harbinger of some diseases. Here are the causes and treatment of tinnitus!

Diabetes can cause

Tinnitus can have many causes. As an earwax can cause tinnitus, long-term exposure to loud noise, foreign body, perforation of the eardrum, otitis media, fluid accumulation in the middle ear, damage to the inner ear cells, and hardening of the bones in the middle ear can also cause tinnitus. Also, diabetes can be the cause of tinnitus. In addition to diabetes, hearing loss, allergies, blood pressure fluctuations, intra-ear tension called meniere, anemia, menopause, hormonal changes, traumas in the head and neck region, thyroid, vascular enlargement called aneurysm, tumor in the nerves that provide hearing, wrong drug use, Neurological, metabolic and psychiatric diseases are also causes of tinnitus.

Sugar and cigarettes should be avoided.

Some of the measures to reduce tinnitus are avoiding exposure to loud music, controlling blood pressure, avoiding salty foods, avoiding coffee, cola and smoking, and exercising.

If left untreated, it can cause hearing loss.

Tinnitus that lasts longer than a week is called pathological tinnitus. Conditions such as pathological tinnitus and persistent tinnitus that last longer than the specified time are usually accompanied by hearing loss. Since the treatment methods of tinnitus will be shaped by the cause of the tinnitus, treatment options take place in a wide range. For example, removing the earwax or foreign body called a plug in the ear canal is a treatment method. Perforation of the eardrum may require surgical intervention. Hearing aids may be recommended in some cases where tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss. In this way, both hearing loss and tinnitus complaints are eliminated.

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