Causes of sexual aversion can be biological or psychological!

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What causes sexual aversion? From time to time, your sexual life may not be going well, you may not be getting enough attention from your partner. Or you may not be able to perform the performance you want. There are many reasons behind such situations. You should prefer to solve your problems instead of covering them up. Here are all the curiosities about what causes sexual reluctance!

It can be biological or psychological.

The cause of sexual reluctance seen in men can be biological as well as psychological. If you do not have a problem with your hormones, then emotional factors may have affected you. Situations such as communication problems between spouses, disliking of the woman or man’s own body, feeling that the partner does not understand himself are among the psychological causes of sexual reluctance.

sexuality teamwork

Sexual problems are not a problem that you can solve alone. You should definitely come face to face with your partner and express your problems in a nice language. What you need to be careful about here is that you are not offensive to each other.

Do not consider sexuality just as the union of two bodies

One of the biggest mistakes made while having sex is that it would be wrong to consider sexuality only as the union of two bodies. If there is a real love bond between you, you should stop focusing only on the result. All difficulties in relationships can be overcome thanks to the strong bond of love.

Choose your sentences carefully

You should avoid giving sudden reactions and raising the tone of your voice, even in disagreements when talking about sexual problems. This goes for both parties. If you use ‘I’ language instead of ‘you’ language, you can prevent the other side from getting defensive. You should use ‘I’ language instead of ‘you’ language. Like “This is how I feel” instead of “This is how you do it”.

If your problems persist, consult a therapist.

Such reasons cause sexual reluctance in men. If sexual reluctance continues, you can go to a therapist with your partner. Thanks to these therapies, you can not only overcome your sexual problems, but also strengthen your relationship by understanding each other better.

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