Causes of heart attack at a young age

Talking about the causes of heart attack in young people, Cardiology Specialist Dr. Tuğba Kemaloğlu Öz warns: “It is possible to overcome all other causes, except for heart attack , family history . Appropriate motivation, awareness, small changes in lifestyle, medical support when necessary make incredible differences in your quality of life.”

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With the aging process, the decrease in effort capacity and the formation of bridging vessels cause a milder recovery from a heart attack. In addition, because young people ignore the symptoms of heart disease and do not have bridging vessels, heart attacks are worse in young people. Talking about the causes of heart attack in young people, Cardiology Specialist Dr. Tuğba Kemaloğlu Öz listed the causes of heart attacks for readers, saying, “Appropriate motivation, awareness, minor changes in lifestyle, and medical support when necessary make incredible differences in your quality of life.”


1. Family history: Mothers, fathers or siblings with heart disease at a young age (65 years for women, under 55 for men) are at higher risk. Even if these people have no complaints, they should be evaluated by their heart doctors and their other modifiable risks should be reduced.

2. Smoking: Even one cigarette increases the risk of heart disease. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your heart health!

3. Blood pressure disease: High blood pressure can cause excessive stress on the heart, causing damage to the vessels, thickening of the heart muscles, enlargement and rupture of the aorta, the largest vessel in the body. People with blood pressure above 130/80 mmHg must be followed up by a heart doctor and receive appropriate treatment.

4. Overweight and obesity: Waist circumference greater than 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men is an important indicator of heart disease risk. These people should keep their current fat rates under control with both diet regulation and exercise programs.

5. Diabetes (Diabetes): Especially uncontrolled diabetes mellitus destroys all the vessels in the body. Diabetics should be checked regularly and blood sugar levels should be kept within normal limits.

6. Sedentary life: A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most important problems of our time. People who have never exercised and have risk factors for heart disease should definitely be checked by a heart doctor before starting an intense sports program. At least 150 minutes of moderate exercise (walking at 4.8–6.5 km/h, cycling at <15 km/h) or 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercise (running, cycling at >15 km/h, etc.) a week increases the risk of heart diseases. level decreases.

7. Stress: People who are overly ambitious, competitive, aggressive, quarrelsome and angry have a higher risk of heart attack. In addition, emotional processes such as depression or a significant loss increase the risk of heart attack.

8. Unhealthy eating habits: Additives in food, excessive and poor quality fat content, excessive salt consumption adversely affect heart health. A diet rich in Omega 3, which is called Mediterranean cuisine, reduces the risk of heart attack.

9. High bad cholesterol: High blood fats are an important marker that shows a genetic predisposition to heart disease. By evaluating the total risk factors, blood bad cholesterol levels should be kept under control with both lifestyle changes and drug therapy.

10. Low good cholesterol: Regardless of bad cholesterol, low cholesterol, which is benign, that is, protects the heart, indicates that the body’s vascular defense is weak. Young patients with this condition are more prone to heart disease and need to be more careful. A healthy diet rich in omega 3, regular exercise and quitting smoking help to increase good-natured cholesterol.

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