Can you burn fat without exercise and diet?

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu gives information about the results of the applications that will enable rapid weight loss and shaping the body in a short time. Kiss. Dr. Bayraktaroğlu, “It is not a dream to lose weight with the combined application of the right methods and to have a muscular body by reducing the fat on the muscle mass.” says.


The latest technologies of the aesthetic world in the field of regional slimming allow the targeted fat cells to be heated selectively in order to treat them, and thus the fat cells are naturally removed from the body. With these special methods, which are the most effortless and fast method of regional slimming, slimming one size in 15 minutes becomes a reality beyond dreams.

For example, Cutera Trusculpt ID, which burns excess fat that cannot be given through sports and diet, can be applied to the abdomen, waist, hips, arms and legs. This method, which offers the opportunity to process 8 different parts of the body in a single session, is applied with a treatment process designed according to the patient’s body and needs. In these painless and comfortable procedures, fats are melted by heating, but during this process, the heat is transmitted to the fat layer while maintaining the skin temperature.


Do you want your body to look more muscular? With Cutera Trusculpt Flex, a new method, muscles that cannot be done with sports and diet are aesthetically designed and done in a short time. The pads, which increase muscle clarity by working the muscles and help fat destruction by increasing the metabolism of the fatty tissue on the muscles, work the selected muscles for 45 minutes with a special electrical stimulus. For the procedure, which can be completed in 6 or 8 sessions, 2-3 sessions can be taken per week. The feature of the method is as follows: In 45 minutes, the abdominal region gets stronger with a contraction equivalent to approximately 54,000 sit-ups. The results begin to be seen within the same week and the results can be used for a long time if the patient diets and exercises.


Kiss. Dr. Bayraktaroğlu states that proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are of great importance for the operations to be permanent. Another important point is to consume plenty of water after the treatments and to eat a protein-based diet. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment, it is necessary to pay attention to consuming foods containing carbohydrates and sugar less, and to consume local, fresh and natural foods in season as much as possible.

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