Can melon seeds be eaten? What are the benefits of melon seeds?

Melon, which is one of the healthiest foods, has benefits as well as the inner fruit and peels of the melon. Most people do not know, but it is one of the foods frequently consumed by local people in the East and South East. You can dry the seeds of the melon, which is a summer fruit, and consume it throughout the year. Can melon seeds be eaten? What are the benefits of melon seeds?

The melon seeds grown attached to the white veins in the melon consumed throughout the summer are dried and consumed for a long time. Melon seeds, which are consumed throughout the winter, contain high levels of potassium. Melon seeds, which have been consumed as a source of healing for centuries, can be eaten without cracking because their peels are crispy. The melon seed, which contains high levels of vitamin C, is very effective in cell renewal. Therefore, it strengthens immunity.

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melon seeds strengthen immunity


The seeds taken from the melon are thoroughly washed. Washed beans are kept in the sun. The dried beans can then be ground into powder for use in medicine. At the same time, it can be cooked in a pan by adding oil and salt to it and consumed as a kernel. The boiled water is used as a tonic. This water reduces skin blemishes.

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melon seeds can be eaten as seeds when fried


  1. It strengthens the immune system. It increases the body’s resistance against diseases by renewing the cells.
  2. Regular consumption of melon seeds protects the stomach wall. It prevents the rise of stomach acid.
  3. It can be used for skin health. Especially for those who have acne treatment, melon seed juice can quickly conclude the treatment thanks to its healing structure.
  4. Thanks to vitamin C, melon seeds, which have an antioxidant effect, clean the viruses in the respiratory tract when boiled and drunk.
  5. It has a strong expectorant property. In a short time, it removes the inflamed mucous that accumulates in the airways. Therefore, it is recommended to be consumed in coughs that start and do not go away.

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melon seeds are collected and dried during the summer and consumed throughout the winter.


Melon seeds, which are very beneficial for health, also have some harmful effects. The most important among these are digestive problems. When consumed in excess, it causes inflammation in the digestive tract. It can cause constipation when consumed without chewing well. It is recommended not to consume by people with hemorrhoids.

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