Can I eat lamb’s belly mushroom? What is the lamb’s belly mushroom?

Mushrooms, which meet the protein amount of red meat, are among the foods recommended to be consumed by almost every expert. However, almost all types of mushrooms are similar to each other, and some of them cause serious poisoning. In particular, morel-like mushroom can be fatal. Can I eat lamb’s belly mushroom? What is the lamb’s belly mushroom?

Morel mushroom, known as gyromitra esculenta in the scientific literature, is more risky in consumption than others. Because it is almost the same shape as the more toxic midwife. Also known as navel, belly mushroom, sour breast, false morel and brain mushroom, morel’s belly mushroom has a deadly effect. Morel mushroom midwife grows spontaneously in sandy soils, at the foot of pine trees, in moist forest areas. It contains a high rate of gyrotoxin substance. This substance attacks and destroys blood cells in human blood. It makes cells turn into cancer.

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Morel midwife contains high levels of poison


The lamb belly, which has a red and dark brown hat, has a wrinkled brain structure. They have sizes ranging from 4 to 12 cm. In the lamb’s belly mushroom, the mushroom is not hollow. However, there is a void inside the morel mushroom. Although this is the most distinguishable way, it is more useful to have an expert collect it.

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Morel Midwife is a poisonous mushroom


Lamb’s belly mushroom is boiled and eaten. However, the morel mushroom mushroom should never be consumed. When consumed accidentally, cramping pains are experienced in the stomach. Then severe dizziness and nausea follow. Since the gyrotoxin substance adversely affects the nervous system, it can cause liver and kidney failure. When the body temperature drops instantly, it causes chills and shivering.

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