Breast removed due to cancer is not a loss, it is a victory!

Emphasizing that the procedures performed to eliminate breast loss after breast cancer cannot be defined as an aesthetic operation alone, Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Op. Dr. Evrim Uçkunkaya said, “Breast reconstruction after breast cancer is part of the process of regaining self-confidence for a woman trying to regain her life. Breastlessness is not a destiny, it is a victory for a new life!” says.

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In the surgical treatment of breast cancer, which is seen in approximately one out of every 8 women, it may be necessary to remove part or all of the breast. Warning that after the loss of the breast, which is the symbol of femininity in women, the effects of depression can be seen, Op. Dr. Uçkunkaya said, “Aesthetic surgery destroys the negative psychology created by the cancer experience. A doctor who is an expert on the subject gives the woman her femininity again by regaining her lost breast.”

Each patient is unique
Pointing out that there is no single method suitable for every patient for regenerating breast tissue, Op. Dr. Evrim Uçkunkaya said, “For the selection of the method, a detailed examination of the patient and sometimes the addition of various examinations may be required. Every patient is unique. In reshaping, besides the patient’s expectations, factors such as body structure, the condition of the rib cage, skin structure and the damages that may occur from the treatment that can be applied later are also taken into consideration.

op dr evrim uckunkaya The patient’s expectation also has a say in the method

Op. Dr. Evrim Uçkunkaya says the following about the methods used in breast reconstruction: “In order to obtain a breast that is compatible with the anatomy and muscle tissue of women and provides symmetry with the other breast, an operation can be performed using plastic and surgical methods using prosthesis or adipose tissue.

Many factors such as general health status of the person, age, body characteristics, previous surgery scar, radiotherapy, condition of the other breast, patient’s expectations and preferences play a role in the choice of surgery.

Two-stage operation in prosthesis
Stating that the operation with prostheses consists of two stages, Op. Dr. Uçkunkaya said, “In the first stage, tissue expanders are placed in the breast area. A pocket is created where the prosthesis can be placed. This process may take a little more than a few weeks, depending on the size of the prosthesis to be used. This tissue expander is removed after the pocket is created. The desired prosthesis is placed in its place,” he says.

No risk of explosion in new generation prostheses
Adding that prostheses have undergone a great change since the day they were produced, Op. Dr. Uçkunkaya said, “Currently used 5th generation prostheses give a lifetime guarantee against problems such as explosion and leakage left over from the first generation prostheses. They can also maintain their shape due to the fact that they contain a low-viscosity gel, that the prosthesis surfaces are rough, and that their shape is anatomical or round.”

Reach your breast by getting rid of your abdominal fat
Stating that three-dimensional breast reconstruction was performed with the fat tissues taken from the patient’s abdomen, back, hips and thighs, Op. Dr. Uçkunkaya, “The advantage of adipose tissues; It provides a lively, soft, three-dimensional repair very similar to the normal breast. If the tissues taken from the abdomen will be used in this operation, tummy tuck surgery is performed and breast reconstruction is completed with the fat tissues taken. The physical behavior of the breast made with the patient’s own fat tissues is more similar to the natural breast, and the sense of sensation is clearer. In the post-operative period, fading of the scars and softening of the tissues used increase the feeling of satisfaction over time. It responds to weight gain and loss like a normal breast. A more effective permanence is ensured by making oil injections enriched with stem cells.

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Get rid of cancer and regain your breasts in the same operation!
Pointing out that the breast reconstruction operation can be performed simultaneously during the removal of the cancerous breast, Uçkunkaya said, “This directional timing includes many factors, including the stage of breast cancer, medical history, social and psychological status, and the possibility of postoperative radiotherapy. It depends on the factor. In general, early-stage cases are suitable for this. In this type of operation, the patient comes out of the operation with the breast, not with a breast, but with a new breast. It is more appropriate to apply to patients who are diagnosed at a late stage or to whom radiation therapy is applied, after a few years without disease. This is also called late repair,” he says.

If the 3rd breast is not noticed, it can cause cancer!
Pointing out that the third breast disease, also known as accessory breast, can cause breast cancer if not noticed, Uçkunkaya said, “This disease, which can progress insidiously without showing any symptoms until adolescence or pregnancy, can be triggered by hormones and cause unbearable pain. It can also confront you with breast cancer when detected late. As a result of the surgical operation performed after the diagnosis of the disease, patients can continue their lives in a healthy way within two weeks. says.

Heal in 2 months!
Op Dr Uçkunkaya, who added that breast reconstruction operations do not have a seasonal timing and that no matter what method is applied, recovery is observed within about 2 months after the operation, Op Dr Uçkunkaya said, “When we compare it with other breast operations, there is a small surgical scar. However, we cannot say that the operation scar is a problem, since the operation restores women’s self-confidence.

Prepare yourself for the operation!
Op. Dr Uçkunkaya summarizes what needs to be done before the breast reconstruction operation as follows:

  • Pay attention to your nutrition before the operation. Consume healthy foods.
  • Do not neglect to do sports

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol and smoking habits delay the healing of wounds. If you consume alcohol and cigarettes, infection in the breast area, delayed healing of wounds, a more pronounced and irregular appearance of the scar, and nipple bleeding may occur after the surgery.

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