Beware of unexplained bruising in the body, 5 signals that may be a sign of disease!

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If your eyes are swollen and your nails are turning yellow, be careful! These symptoms can be a sign of serious diseases in the body. Those who are wondering about the symptoms that may herald disease in the body. Dr. We learned from Özlem Kaplan.

If your nails are white…

The structure and color changes in the nails can be a sign of some systemic diseases developing in the body. For example; While yellow nails are seen in fungal disease, spoon nail condition or white spots on the nails can occur as a sign of iron deficiency anemia. In case of increased camber in the nails; It is a symptom that can be seen in cirrhosis, lung cancer, bronchiectasis and some intestinal diseases. Black lines on the nails can be a sign of bleeding in the nail bed or a type of cancer called melanoma.

  Eyes are the mirror of health

Yellow color in the white parts of the eye called sclera may be a symptom of liver and biliary tract diseases. Edema and swelling in the eyelids indicate kidney dysfunction, while uneven pupils can be seen in severe neurological diseases such as intracranial hemorrhage and brain trauma. Smaller pupils may indicate poisoning with some chemical toxins and drugs.

If your skin is dry, be careful!

Spontaneous bruising on the skin; While it may be an early sign of some blood diseases such as leukemia, immune thrombocytopenic purpura; Whitening of the skin can be seen in vitiligo or fungal infections. Excess dandruff on the scalp, the presence of white spots on the knees and elbows indicate psoriasis; The presence of painful, raised, water-filled red lesions on the skin may indicate shingles. Dryness and itching in the skin may be due to low fluid consumption or under-functioning of your thyroid gland, as well as a sign of kidney failure. The skin, especially in cases where peripheral circulation is impaired due to heart failure; it may take on a pale, sweaty or purplish color. Yellowing of the skin may also be due to excessive consumption of carotene, as well as congestion in the liver and biliary tract.

If you are experiencing involuntary weight loss…

If the person has involuntary and rapid weight loss, thyroid hormone functions and blood sugar should be examined. Sudden weight loss may be the first sign of the disease for hyperthyroidism and diabetes. In addition, most cancer diseases can progress with unexplained weight loss. The triad of night sweats, fever and weight loss is seen in lymphoma and leukemia diseases, and weight loss with anemia is seen in stomach and intestinal cancers. If there is weakness, cough and high fever accompanying weight loss, lung infections or tumors should be investigated. Weight loss that occurs with back pain can also be a precursor to lung tumors and pancreatic diseases.

Weight gain may occur due to heart failure and cirrhosis

Weight gains that occur without a decrease in movement or deterioration in eating habits can be a precursor to some metabolic diseases. The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate basal metabolism. In case of hypothyroidism, where the thyroid gland works slowly, weight gain, weakness, dry skin and hair loss may occur. Sudden, unexplained weight gain may also occur in insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus, where sugar metabolism is impaired. Weight gain can also be seen in diseases where fluid accumulation in the body is observed, such as heart failure and liver cirrhosis.

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