Benefits of cumin and yogurt? If you add a teaspoon of cumin to a bowl of yogurt and consume it…

Digestive diseases are experienced as a result of unhealthy diet. It paves the way for health problems such as flatulence and abdominal bloating, especially after meals. Therefore, yoghurt and cumin, which are among the healthy foods that clean the digestive tract, should be consumed in abundance. So what are the benefits of cumin and yogurt? If you add a teaspoon of cumin to a bowl of yogurt and consume it…

Cumin, which has been used in herbal treatment methods for centuries, has many health benefits. Cumin, which gives a unique flavor to fish, red meat and chicken meat, is used in bread, cheese, sugar, biscuits and pastries in Europe. Cumin, which turns into a spice from the plant, contains essential oil and tannin. These substances serve to remove toxins from the body by sweating. When cumin, which is used as a medicine both in the kitchen and in medical treatments, is consumed with yoghurt, its benefit is doubled. The yogurt cumin mixture recommended by experts for patients with gas problems also has many other benefits. Cumin, which belongs to the parsley family, is usually consumed in the form of spring. Its homeland is countries such as Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Chile. Cumin, which has a bitter and sharp taste, is not consumed directly. It is generally recommended to be consumed with a healthy food. Or tea is made from the seeds. In addition, yogurt, another food that benefits digestive diseases, is obtained as a result of fermentation. Yogurt containing beneficial bacteria has been consumed for 6000 years. It contains high levels of calcium riboflavin (B2), cobalamin (B12) and vitamins and minerals such as pyridoxine (B6).

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Yogurt, which is rich in lactic acid, contributes to bone and muscle development. In addition, it supports the development of cells of organs. Yogurt, which balances the intestinal flora, prevents digestive tract diseases. Experts recommend consuming yogurt, which renews the immune system against viruses and bacteria. Cumin also contains folate, thiamine and vitamin E. Like yogurt, cumin also prevents digestive diseases. Cumin, which is an iron store, increases blood values. Consuming these two foods together increases the benefits.

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The flavonoid and polyphenol components it contains regenerate damaged cells in the body. When consumed with yogurt, it strengthens immunity and resets cancer. It also reduces the incidence of diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

Cumin, which is rich in B vitamins, allows you to have a comfortable sleep. Vitamin B, which acts as melatonin, both regulates your sleep and prevents stress. The essential oil it contains also protects brain health by reducing nerve cells.

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Vitamin E value increases when cumin is consumed with yogurt. This, in turn, renews the deformed areas of the skin. By disinfecting the cells in the dermis layer, it prevents wrinkles and aging. It also reduces skin blemishes, acne and conditions that can cause acne.

It protects beta cells in the pancreas, which provides insulin production in the blood. It is a food that diabetics should consume at almost every meal.

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When it reduces the effect of oil in the food, it prevents you from gaining weight. It shows immediate effect against digestive problems. It prevents gas discomfort by eliminating indigestion experienced after meals.

Studies have shown that cumin also increases the hormone of happiness.

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