Attention to those who are overly affected by the heat! What is heat intolerance? Symptoms of heat intolerance

Heat intolerance, which is seen in people who feel hot even in cold weather, invites serious different diseases. People with this disease experience some health complications in the heat. This can lead to more dire dimensions, especially for people with a different underlying disease. Experts recommend treating it as soon as possible. So what is heat intolerance?

The gradual increase in temperatures, as well as humidity or, in some regions, dry heat may cause some dysfunctions in the human body. The immune system maintains body temperature so that the body has the same pressure as the outside world. The immune system, which requires additional reinforcements, thus prevents the functioning of the organs from being affected by the change of weather. But not everyone’s immune system works the same. Environmental conditions affect diet and movement, the immune system is quite low in some. This paves the way for diseases. Heat Intolerance is also seen as a result of these. Some people are therefore sensitive to weather changes. However, he experiences some inconveniences. Like heat intolerance, it is a disorder experienced by people who get hot even in cold weather and have more severe health problems in hot weather. Heat intolerance, which develops due to the increase in the body’s response to heat, should be treated in a timely manner. Experts remind that people living with this disease cause some underlying diseases.

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– Mental disorders are one of the most common factors that cause heat interlucency. A sudden change in mood affects the nervous system of the person negatively. This can lead to weakened immunity. All complications follow. Imbalance in blood circulation is one of them.

– The side effects of some drugs used in chronic diseases can also cause heat intolerance. However, excessive sweating also develops.

– Heat intolerance may also develop depending on the age group. Since they are in the developmental stage in 4-5 year old children, it is seen due to irregularly working hormones. People over the age of 60 can also experience this situation.

– Sensitizes the body to heat in neurological diseases. Especially spinal cord injury or diseases such as MS pave the way for this.

– Hormone disorders also cause heat intolerance.

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Sudden warming up even in cool weather

Sweating and sweating from all over the body

Due to low body resistance

Nausea, sudden dizziness

Rapidly changing mood

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It is useful to consult a specialist for those with chronic diseases or those who sweat excessively. Because it develops due to an underlying disease, a blood test is required. Apart from this, it should be avoided to go outside during the hours when the weather is very hot. In summer, an average of 3 liters of water should be consumed. Regular swimming reduces the risk of discomfort. In summer, it is beneficial to stay away from high-calorie and oily foods.

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