Attention to Delta and Delta Plus variants increasing globally!

The coronavirus continues to mutate. Finally, the Delta variant, which emerged in India and had severe effects, spread at a global rate. Governments have started to take new measures for the Delta virus, which is also seen in large numbers in Europe and Russia.

While the coronavirus, which caused the longest pandemic in the world, continues to mutate, each emerging variant causes new fears. prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu also discussed the delta virus in today’s column. Stating that the virus is spreading rapidly, Müftüoğlu underlined the issue of masks and hygiene. He noted that vaccines are promising, but that prevention is at the core of reducing the spread.

“The fact that Delta va Delta Plus has an incredibly fast contagion ability confuses not only us experts, but also statesmen who approach the issue carefully. Especially Europe, and by the way Russia, are the geographies where the Delta variant is most common at the moment. For this reason, Putin said, Merkel, Macron, Johnson don’t matter, executives in almost every country give the message, “We have serious concerns about the Delta variant, we should all be careful.” Let’s know that we should have the same sensitivity, show it and not make mistakes that would overshadow the excellent success we achieved in the vaccination process. : The Delta variant is a big deal, let’s relax but never get complacent.


Concerns that the mRNA vaccine BioNTech, which is widely used in our COUNTRY, may cause infertility in men is the most important, common and top priority issue on the “men’s agenda” these days. The first good news for men who are hesitant to approach the BioNTech vaccine due to some false and unfounded information, or rather rumors and urban legends, came from the University of Jerusalem, Israel, in the past few weeks. But the research that led to this news was not strong enough. Now we have much, much more reliable and powerful data: According to a new study conducted in the Department of Urology at the University of Miami and published in JAMA, the publication of the American Medical Association, the sperm count, quality and performance of men who received mRNA vaccine in their reproductive systems It seems that no negative problems were encountered. More importantly, there are data showing that men who receive the mRNA vaccine may even have an increase in sperm count, count, and motility. In short, new information is quite comforting. Now the question for men is: Is it more risky to not get vaccinated or to have the disease?


One of the respected names in the field of UROANDROLOGY Prof. Dr. According to Professor Ateş Kadıoğlu, in a study published in the JAMA journal, besides a decrease in sperm count and quality after vaccination, even an increase in sperm volume, number and motility was determined in those who were vaccinated. It turns out that mRNA vaccines (BioNTech/Moderna) do not inhibit fertility in men, on the contrary, they support it, contrary to fears.


Experts insist that testes (male ovaries) also have ACE2 receptors to which the virus binds, and that the virus can bind to these receptors and cause inflammation in the testicles, resulting in a decrease in the testes’ ability to produce testosterone. On the other hand, it is stated that the problem of fever, which is common in people who have COVID-19, can negatively affect the ovaries and cause problems in testosterone strength and sperm quality. The urologists I spoke with said that in some men who had COVID-19, they detected 50 percent decrease in sperm count and serious decreases in testosterone levels. IN SHORT IT IS BENEFITS FOR MEN TO FEAR THE DISEASE, NOT THE VACCINE.

WHAT DOES Iodine deficiency do?

Iodine deficiency is an important problem especially for our country. Because we are experiencing a serious iodine poverty in Turkey. For this reason, it would be beneficial for all of us to have more or less information about iodine deficiency. So, what does iodine deficiency do?

– It is one of the most important causes of goiter.

Intellectual stagnation in children is the cause of forgetfulness in adults.

– It is the invisible perpetrator of breast and ovarian cysts.

– May increase migraine attacks.

– It is a hidden fatigue trigger.

– It can cause hair loss.


Melatonin, also known as the SLEEP hormone, is one of the most important molecules that regulates our biorhythm. Its deficiency is the invisible cause of many health problems. So, what does melatonin do?

– It brings sleep, gives quality to sleep.

– Calms, relieves stress.

– It is a strong supporter of immunity.

– Increases antioxidant power.

– Provides anticancer protection.

– Supports growth.

– Adds power to memory.

– It inhibits aging.


High URIC acidity is an important and more common problem than one might think. It is a substance that causes rheumatism in the joints, stones in the kidneys, calcification in the veins, damage to the heart valves, in short, its excess impairs health. For this reason, it is useful to review uric acid levels in annual health reviews. It should be considered a serious problem if it exceeds the accepted upper limit (around 6) 7 milligrams. As for the reasons that increase uric acid….

– Genetics: gout.

– Excessive consumption of animal products/proteins.

– Insulin resistance.

– Excessive fruit consumption.

– Eating and drinking too much of fake fructose foods.

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