Attention those with coronavirus: What causes heart muscle inflammation (Myocarditis)? What are the symptoms?

Inflammation of the heart muscle, which is one of the rare diseases, occurs suddenly. It can even result in death if the necessary precautions are not taken. The virus that settles in the heart muscle adversely affects the strength of the heart. Experts also drew attention to the recent coronavirus case and announced that the frequency of this disease has increased. So what causes heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis)? What are the symptoms?

Viruses that enter the body due to diseases such as mumps and flu can reach the heart muscle through the blood. Viruses that settle in the muscle here cause inflammation. Even if there is no serious disease at first, it can bring terrible results if not treated in time. This infection spreads quickly, as 90 percent of the heart is made up of muscle. This predisposes to heart failure. In addition, due to insufficient blood circulation in the body, various diseases can also be experienced. This virus can easily spread from the heart muscle to all muscles. Experts recommend that you consult a doctor immediately in case of heart pain, especially due to numbness in the left arm. This disease is also called heart flu. This rare disease is most likely to occur in young people. He gives himself away with severe chest pains. Pain is usually experienced for a long time in a place between the shoulder and the heart. Usually, patients perceive this as a cold.

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Since the emergence of the Kovid-19 virus, experts have emphasized that the virus can cause not only a single disease, but also various serious diseases. Since the heart is one of the places where it can settle easily, experts underlined that a heart check should be done for someone who is being treated. Inflammation of the heart muscle caused by normal influenza viruses can also be caused by coronavirus. Since this virus, which settles in the heart muscle, is more severe than other influenza viruses, it also changes the course of the disease. It has been determined that at least two of the 4 people who survived the virus developed heart-damaged diseases.

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Infectious viruses that enter the body for many reasons

Decreased calcium and phosphorus in the muscles

Increase in the amount of toxins in the body

A family history of heart disease

weakening of the heart muscles

Situations such as the inability of the immune system to produce enough antibodies against viruses prepare the environment for heart muscle inflammation.

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The most common symptom of this disease is irregular heartbeat and chest pain that develops accordingly. As the heartbeats deteriorate, the deformation rates increase. These damages are likely to remain permanent.

– Since the heart does not beat regularly, swelling of the heart valves also occurs. Since the heart cannot unite as a whole, the blood does not collect and flow back into the veins. This can cause it to make different sounds as it strains the heart.

The blood that the heart cannot pump accumulates in the lungs. This accumulation causes edema in various parts of the body. Generally, these edemas are most commonly seen in the ankles.

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The patient, who goes to the hospital with symptoms, first undergoes detailed examinations by the specialist. When it is determined that the inflammation of the heart muscle is caused by viruses, drug treatment is started accordingly. With this method, viruses in the body are tried to be reduced. People with inflamed heart muscle should pay attention to their diet and daily movements, too much brisk walking can cause the death of these patients. The best treatment for this disease is aspirin and lying down.

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