Attention is sneaking in! What causes tinnitus?

Although tinnitus is generally seen as a simple health problem, it can actually be a precursor to important diseases in some cases.

Tinnitus is a hearing disorder that occurs as a result of pressure on the auditory system. Whether tinnitus is a serious disorder or not is determined as a result of the hearing test performed by the specialist. Since tinnitus in one ear is a sign of tumor, the patient’s ear MRI is taken. However, since the cause of each tinnitus is different, the history of the tinnitus is looked at first. Cardiologist Dr. Kerem Temel stated that tinnitus triggers hypertension. Emphasizing that blood pressure can cause serious damage to the brain due to the pressure of blood on the vessel walls, Temel said, “Blood pressure should be measured regularly to make the diagnosis.”

What are the causes of tinnitus?

Earwax, ear infections, pressure on the eardrum

In-ear and extra-ear calcification

Breathing disorder in the nose

inflammation of the middle ear

Psychological conditions such as stress, depression

Talking on the phone for a long time (exposure to radiation waves)

Depending on the weather conditions; Causes such as strong wind cause ringing in the ears.

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

Medications are given to regulate the blood circulation of the inner ear.

If the ringing increases in quiet environments, listen to music

Hearing therapy is given to the patient. The patient is distracted while playing music in the background without being disturbed. This method often ends the ringing.

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