As the temperatures increased, explanations came from the experts: Is it harmful to drink water from a plastic bottle?

Warnings came one after another about the use of plastic bottles, which is one of the situations that experts strongly warn every year. In studies conducted around the world, it has been determined that bacteria accumulated in plastic bottles cause digestive diseases in particular. There has been an increase in these diseases after the pandemic. So, is it harmful to drink water from a plastic bottle?

After increasing intestinal diseases in hospitals, experts made a statement about the use of plastic bottles. PET bottles, which have high production due to their low cost, are actually a dangerous tool that contains chemicals. Petroleum materials are mostly used in the production of plastic. No matter how much heat or an acidic substance plastic is exposed to, it activates other chemicals in it. It is transferred to the body when consumed by mixing with the liquid put into it. Experts issue these warnings every year. Medipol Mega University Hospital General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Pelin Basım made a statement.

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danger in plastic bottles


Assoc. Dr. Pelin Basım underlined that the consumption of plastic bottles should be rare. He recommended the use of glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. He emphasized that when plastic bottles are exposed to the sun or a different heat, the chemicals that mix with the water inside can cause diseases. He stated that the consumption level of plastic bottles, which has been banned by the World Health Organization for about 10 years, has increased in the pandemic, as well as intestinal diseases that occur after the pandemic, as well as the further dimension that chemical substances cause colon, prostate and breast cancers by disrupting the DNA of cells. Here is Assoc. Dr. The continuation of Pelin Basım’s statements:

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