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Parsnip, a relative of the carrot known as orange, is a very useful food that has been consumed for centuries in Central Asia. The wild carrot, which is consumed both as a plant and as a vegetable, has been grown as a culture in recent years. We have researched for you those who are curious about wild carrots, which are especially rich in vitamin K. So, are parsnips beneficial? All questions are in the details of the news:

Parsnip, known as Patinaca sativa in the scientific literature, is a food species belonging to the parsley family. Parsnip, which is also related to carrots, is a meaty vegetable. The homeland of the wild carrot, whose color is off-white, is the lands of Eurasia. In other words, wild carrot, which is a Central Asian home Anatolian food, is also produced and consumed in Asian lands. Since the wild carrot, which is frequently mentioned in Greek and Roman history books, is rich in vitamins K and C, its consumption is recommended by alternative medicine experts of the period. Parsnip, which is a strong source of fiber, keeps the body both full and energetic for a long time. It is known that in addition to the meaty part, the plants on it are also consumed for medicinal purposes. It takes July or August for the seeds to emerge from the soil. Its consumption comes in the autumn months. Today, it is produced as one of the culture foods. According to the color of wild carrot flowers, there are two types such as kizilbehmen and akbehmen.

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– It is a food that can be preferred by those who want to diet, as it contains a high amount of solvent fiber. While fiber regulates digestion, it supports the easy mixing of vitamins and minerals from other foods into the blood. In addition, it provides rapid healing of digestive diseases such as reflux, ulcers and hemorrhoids. In addition, the fiber it contains balances the sugar level in the blood. It also prevents any health problems by reducing blood pressure and the level of bad cholesterol it contains.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant substance. Parsnip is a food rich in vitamin C. It is known that wild carrot, which renews nerve cells in particular, prevents the formation of cancerous cells. At the same time, wild carrot, which prevents stress and oxidative stress, is a powerful treatment for the healing of chronic diabetes and heart diseases.

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– It helps to strengthen immunity by removing toxins and infections in the body in a short time. Thanks to vitamins C and K, it prevents the formation of upper respiratory tract diseases by increasing the number of antibodies in the immune system. It is a food that experts recommend for severe diseases such as pneumonia and malaria.

– It provides the potassium that the body needs and ensures the regeneration of cells. It strengthens organ functions. This is very important for hair and skin. Today, due to unhealthy diet and environmental factors, the deformation of the skin and hair increases considerably. Parsnip, which prevents complications that cause hair loss and acne formation on the skin surface, is also good for insomnia and rheumatism.

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Like regular orange carrots, parsnip can be eaten raw. Salad can be made. In addition, it can be made into a puree and added to yogurt and lemon olive oil, and it can be preferred as a snack. The puree can be applied to the hair as a mask with olive oil, left for an hour or two, and washed with warm water.

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