Anti-cancer: What is a black tomato? What are the benefits of black tomatoes?

The black tomato, which is not known by many but is a powerful antioxidant in terms of antioxidants, is also called the Mediterranean tomato. Black tomato, known as Kumato, is a very meaty and juicy vegetable. Tomatoes turn black as they mature. It is quite expensive as it is produced in small quantities under special conditions. We searched for the ones who were curious about black tomatoes for you. So what are the benefits of black tomatoes?

First discovered in 1970 by a young man named Luis Ortega living in Spain, black tomato seed has 3-4 times the antioxidants of blueberries and regular tomatoes. Black tomatoes, which are grown in greenhouse method in 11 Mediterranean countries apart from Spain, are grown in Antalya in our country. It was announced that 400 tons were obtained last year. The black tomato, which is known as kumato in the scientific literature, turns black as it matures. Since it grows in the Mediterranean climate zone, it is also referred to as the Mediterranean tomato. Another variety of black tomato seed, which is grown with the traditional farming methods, is the crimson seed. It is also grown in Russia. Black tomato seeds are planted in Perlite soil by mixing burnt animal manure. The seed that wants room temperature does not want moisture and humidity. It blooms easily in shady places that do not receive light. The smell and taste are quite nice. Black tomatoes, which are rich in juicy and fleshy, are rich in antioxidants, and are thought to be effective in the treatment of cancer. The black tomato, which is still being researched, can be consumed like normal tomatoes. However, the real origin of the tomato is based on the Galapagos Islands in America. It is genetically identical to the red tomato.

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The lycopene in Kumato tomatoes is more effective than other nutrients. Tomato owes almost all its usefulness to this substance. The lycopene substance protects the structure of the cells in the body and supports their regeneration. Thus, it mutates and prevents the formation of cancer or other diseases. In addition, since black seed is naturally acidic and rich in fiber, it also benefits digestive problems.

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Black tomato, which protects the stomach wall from stomach acid, prevents the occurrence of health problems such as ulcers and reflux that reduce the quality of life. At the same time, the fiber it contains protects the flora rate in the intestines. It makes it work more functional.

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Black tomatoes, which contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, are used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies. Black tomato, which delays aging, also prevents problems such as acne, acne and pores that occur in the dermis of the skin layer and rise to the surface.

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