Animal foods or plant foods?

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of human health. The healthiest way to eat is through supplements. Both animal foods and plant foods are very important for human health. However, in order to prevent some problems that occur after a certain age, it is useful to reduce the consumption of animal foods.

prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu discussed the foods that are effective on human health in his column today. Providing information about plant and animal foods, which are considered as additional supplements for human health, Müftüoğlu touched upon the age range regarding the intake of these nutrients. Müftüoğlu, who made a distinction from childhood to adolescence and then to adult ages, stated that it is not appropriate to consume animal foods especially after the age of 30, and it invites diseases. Here is today’s column;

“The gist of the matter is this: Animal foods (red meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt…) are at the top of the “beneficial foods” list due to their high protein power, rich iron content, intense collagen loads and generally beneficial natural fat content. However, studies say that a large part of the kitchen budget, especially after the age of 40, should be allocated to “herb, not meat”, that is, “vegetable foods instead of animal food.” Well, why? Answers are in box 1…


– Less FREE RADICALyou produce.

– Less INSULINyou secrete.

– Less on your size TRIGILICERIDEyou upload.

– More ANTIOXIDANTyou win.

– More strong IMMUNITYyou provide.

– Less ACIDyou are uploaded.

– a more effective WEIGHT CONTROLyou provide.

YOUR BLOOD PRESSUREeasier to set up.

– YOUR VESSELSYou keep it more elastic.

– More beautiful, enjoyable and efficient you sleep.

THE SUMMARY IS: When we say hello to the 40s, please introduce the rule of consuming less meat (animal protein) and more grass (vegetable food). Stop being a “lion”, try to be a “lamb”.


– CANDY: Excess sugar consumption makes it easier to get cancer, as well as making the fight against cancer more difficult. Especially in those with insulin resistance, being overloaded with sugar can mean an invitation to liver, colon, breast and kidney cancers.

– WHITE FLOUR: White flour is also one of the well-known cancer inviters. Especially when it is mixed with sugar and oil and prepared as a “fry”, it can turn into a great cancer trigger.

– MOLDS: Some molds have carcinogenic power. For example, “aflatoxin”, which we encounter in red pepper flakes, peanuts, nuts or cereals stored in a humid environment, is a serious problem. a cancertrigger .

– NITRATES:There is ample evidence to suggest that nitrites and nitrates found in sausages, salami and similar processed meat products may be associated with colon and stomach cancers.

– BURNED FOODS:It should not be forgotten that meat cooked on the barbecue and caramelized burnt foods can also be strong carcinogens.


You can do any type of exercise at any time of the day. The choice of time is yours. But it is useful to note some common accepted information:

– Avoid heavy exercise 2 hours before bedtime, right before and after meals.

– If you desire more fat loss, keep in mind that the best time to exercise is in the morning.

SUMMARY INFORMATION: If you are a “thrush”, choose early in the morning, if you are an “owl”, choose evening hours.


The squat exercises you will do in your office can effectively work most of your major muscle groups without wasting time. In this way, it not only calorie loss, but also contributes to the balance. In addition, repeated squatting exercises support circulation and prevent muscle and bone loss. For effective squat exercises:

– Cross your arms at chest level

– While standing, lower your torso until your upper legs are parallel to the floor.

– Then get back to a standing straight position.

– Repeat the same movement 20-25 times.

– Increase the number of repetitions as you develop and get stronger.


JOINT problems can be seen at any age, but it is one of the primary problems of people after the age of 50-60. Especially the knee and hip joints are the places where the problem is most common. Let’s know that “protecting” is like the number one goal here as well. In addition, the following supplements can be used to support problematic joints:

– Collagen

– Glucosamine Sulphate

– Chondroid

– Turmeric

– Omega 3 oils


1. You get sick more often, you get tired more and quickly.

2. You become more prone to autoimmune diseases.

3. Your tendency to depression and panic disorder increases.

4. Your memory weakens, and you are more likely to fall prey to Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders.

5. It is known that people who are sleep deprived are more likely to suffer from some cancers (for example, breast cancer), some rheumatic diseases (for example, fibromyalgia), chronic health problems such as hypertension and diabetes.

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