Allergic rhinitis: Springtime nightmare

Although we all look forward to the arrival of spring, these months can be difficult for some of us. Pollen allergies that start with the spring months; It makes itself felt with burning and tearing in the eyes, runny nose, sneezing, persistent cough, itching, skin rashes and difficulty in breathing. Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Sedat Bayrakçı pointed out that first of all, the person diagnosed with seasonal allergic rhinitis should protect himself or herself by isolating themselves from external factors as much as possible. He emphasized that patients who have to go out can also be cautious by using masks and sunglasses, washing their faces frequently and cleaning their noses.

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Spring allergy; It is a disease that can be seen in children, adults, women and men between the ages of 4-40. Its incidence is very high worldwide. Although people with a family history of asthma and allergic rhinitis are more prone to this disease, environmental factors are also effective in the occurrence of the disease.

1556480594 cocuklarda alerjik rinit cocuklarda bahar alerjisi Allergic rhinitis symptoms

Allergic rhinitis is a disorder that negatively affects the patient’s quality of life and reduces performance. Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Sedat Bayrakçı lists the symptoms of allergic rhinitis as follows:

  • Sneezing and coughing attacks
  • Itching in the nose and throat and difficulty in swallowing
  • Snoring
  • Nose, nasal and eye discharges
  • Insomnia

Since the pollination time will change according to the geography experienced in allergic rhinitis, the length of the patient’s discomfort also changes. Discomfort with this prolonged period; can go up to sinusitis, asthma and ear inflammation.

Perfume and paint scents trigger the problem of allergic rhinitis . However, people with allergic rhinitis should pay attention to Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. We learn from Sedat Bayrakçı:

Things to be careful about the problem of allergic rhinitis

  • Airing the house and planning the work that needs to be done outside in the afternoon, since the flying time of pollen is more intense in the morning it would be more suitable.
  • With the approach of summer months, the desire of people who take advantage of the beautiful weather to do sports in the open air is increasing. However, people with spring allergies should definitely avoid it.
  • Since cigarette smoke will adversely affect these patients, such environments should be avoided as much as possible, let alone using it.
  • Environments where perfume, paint and detergent odors are intense should be avoided as they will adversely affect the patient.
  • After coming home from outside, all clothes should be washed and the patient should take a shower and get rid of pollen completely.

How is an allergy test done?

Allergy tests are performed in two different ways: by drawing blood or through the skin. In both test applications, the results are reached as soon as possible and the treatment is started.

Allergic rhinitis treatment

The treatment of allergic rhinitis is planned according to the individual’s allergy and is individual. It is a disease that requires patience and requires regular visits to the doctor for a certain period of time. The most important step of the treatment is to be protected from allergens with the aforementioned measures. Then, nasal cortisone sprays and anti-allergic drugs come.

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People with allergic rhinitis, which is directly related to the immune system; have a balanced diet, sleep regularly, eat rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, drink plenty of water, and avoid smoking and alcohol. In patients where these are not sufficient

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