All about anthrax, its symptoms and treatment

Turkey has recently started to talk about anthrax. While the anxiety increased due to the overlapping quarantine news, the anthrax map that circulated throughout the country shows that not only the quarantine zones, but also the relatives of those regions are in danger.

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3 thousand 959 cattle brought from Brazil by the Meat and Dairy Institution before the Eid-al-Adha were first left in Ankara and sent to the surrounding cities. had been dispersed.

Anthrax disease, which is generally seen in cattle and wild animals such as sheep, goats, cattle, has finally emerged in Istanbul. In cities such as Ankara, Sivas and Bitlis, many people were hospitalized in a short time due to anthrax.

Complaints arose due to injuries sustained on their bodies from contact with cattle meat. In line with the news, 2 cattle in Sivas, 7 cattle in Silivri, 42 cattle in Bitlis and 50 cattle in Ankara perished due to anthrax.

Anthrax is a contagious disease that is especially seen in grass-eating animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and camels and can be transmitted to humans by contact with meat. Anthrax disease, which is known as “anthrax” in medicine, is known as shepherd’s boil and black bubble in our country.

How is anthrax transmitted?

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Anthrax infects people in 3 ways.

Skin anthrax is caused by contact with a sick animal, their tissue, or objects or materials contaminated by the animal.

Intestinal anthrax is caused by eating foods contaminated with anthrax, especially meat of animals with anthrax disease.

Lung anthrax , on the other hand, is transmitted by breathing in anthrax spores of contaminated dust or spores that can be found in animal hair or hair. Lung anthrax is considered the most dangerous type of anthrax disease. The cases with the most deaths are unfortunately the cases of pulmonary anthrax.

Symptoms of anthrax

In skin anthrax , skin swelling and itching begin in anthrax that occurs as a result of contact with the meat of the animal. Later, this swelling turns into water-filled bubbles. Then, the wounds with a black center come to the median. Skin anthrax is also called black bubble (malignant boil, carbuncle) in our country.

Malignant edema occurs in some parts of the skin in the neck, chest, especially the eyelids, mouth and tongue. A mild and painless redness is seen at the place where the microbe entered. If the microbe multiplies in the mouth, it will soon progress to the throat and kill it.

As a result of intestinal anthrax , nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and fever occur. In the more advanced stage, abdominal pain, bloody vomiting and bloody diarrhea are median. Since it can cause death within 2-3 days, especially in frail or weak people, emergency departments of hospitals should be consulted as soon as symptoms are seen and health workers should be informed that anthrax is suspected.

Lung anthrax is the type of anthrax that causes the most deaths . The disease, which first starts with symptoms such as a simple cold, then continues with high fever and chills. A few days later, the patient develops severe respiratory distress and shock. If the intervention is delayed, the patient dies.

Is there an anthrax vaccine?

There is a vaccine for anthrax, and vaccination studies continue by the Ministry of Health, especially in regions where there is a danger against anthrax. However, the animal trade that continues despite the ban in anthrax-prone areas makes it more difficult to completely eradicate anthrax from that area and prevent its spread to other areas.

Anthrax vaccine provides protection against both skin and lung anthrax. However, there is no general anthrax vaccine application. The vaccine, which does not contain live bacteria and does not cause infection, is mostly recommended for those who have hand contact with infected animals, certain laboratory workers and some military personnel. In addition, people with anthrax can be vaccinated against anthrax. Three vaccinations every 6 months provide effective protection. The vaccine can cause an allergic reaction.

How can we protect our children and family from anthrax?

Against the anthrax disease, which has recently been seen in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, it is necessary to be more careful in meat consumption and not to buy meat from places we do not trust. In this period when the school period is opened, we should raise awareness of our children about the foods they will take from outside.

  • While some schools announce to parents that the consumption of red meat is prohibited in cafeterias and canteens during the anthrax danger period, it is very important for parents to restrict their children’s consumption of food from outside.
  • Explaining the disease to children in a simple and understandable language, directing them to foods that they like but not containing red meat and delicatessen products for a period of time, and not buying meat in places you do not trust are among the precautions you can take.
  • Although there is only a risk in the consumption of fresh meat for now, it should not be forgotten that the meat that can be obtained from these animals after a certain period of time can also be considered as a delicatessen product.
  • At the same time, it is not recommended to consume raw or undercooked meat, especially during periods when the danger of anthrax is discussed.

Milk and ice cream are at risk of anthrax

Anthrax, which can be transmitted from cattle to humans, is unfortunately a disease with a risk of transmission to humans through milk and dairy products. In this sense, it is very important to buy these products from reliable brands and reliable places against intestinal anthrax and for the health of our children and families.

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