According to the structure of the tongue, the symptoms of the disease are pale…

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The color and structure of the tongue is also a reflection of your health. According to experts, the color and shape of the tongue can reveal the diseases you have. It should appear moist and slightly shiny, with a healthy pink color. If you see a difference in your language other than this, take a look at the elements listed below…

If the tongue is pale

The color of the tongue is expected to be bright pinkish. A very red tongue may indicate that the body is retaining too much heat, while a tongue that is too pale may indicate that the body is not holding enough heat for digestion, energy and blood circulation. Fatigue, shortness of breath, and slow bowel movements are among the other symptoms of this condition. If the color of the tongue is purplish or dark, it may indicate the presence of problems with blood circulation.

trembling tongue

In some cases, a constantly trembling, unsteady tongue may indicate a chronic disease that drains the body’s energy. Likewise, exposure to excessive stress can also cause this symptom.

oily layer on tongue

It is known that the layer on the tongue has a structure that can change depending on the humidity of the body. When our body is dehydrated, the tongue can become dry. Likewise, the formation of a yellowish layer on the tongue can also be a sign of thirst. A thin, oily layer covering the tongue indicates excessive fluid accumulation in the body. This symptom can also occur when we consume too many fatty foods.

If it’s dry or slightly damp.

Changes in the body with age can cause the structure of the tongue to become drier. In overweight people, it can be seen that the tongue is a little more moist and its size is a little larger than normal. A very dry tongue is also a sign that the body is dehydrated.

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