A vigorous body after 30 days! What are the benefits of fasting for the body?

Despite prolonged hunger and thirst, fasting for 30 days during Ramadan also benefits the body’s dynamic work. Those with chronic diseases should be especially careful about fasting, which supports resting the body and renewing its entire mechanism. What are the benefits of fasting for the body?

With the month of Ramadan, the Sultan of 11 months, one of the most wondered subjects is the benefits of fasting for the body. According to today’s terms, experts say that fasting is a detox process for the body. When a healthy iftar and sahur is made, the benefits of fasting can be seen. Especially the digestive system, which is tired due to unhealthy nutrition throughout the year, renews itself with regular meal habits in this process. Experts underline that it is a month when the body will rest itself in terms of both spiritual and health.

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fasting process completely renews the body


  • Due to a balanced diet, body tissues and cells gain time for regeneration.
  • Substances containing nutrients and toxins accumulated in the body as waste have the opportunity to be removed from the body during this month.
  • It provides rest to the intestines and stomach, the two most important organs of the digestive system, which are deformed due to excessive and unhealthy nutrition.
  • It balances the inflammation and sugar rate accumulated in the blood. In this way, the risk of vascular and heart diseases is reduced.
  • It normalizes the heartbeat. Toxinization in the body quickly decreases to the minimum level.
  • The nervous system is the most damaged area in the body due to intense work tempo and unhealthy diet. Therefore, stress and mental problems increase. Experts emphasize that a balanced and regular lifestyle in this process also improves the nerves.
  • Due to the resting body and organs, the brain quickly undergoes a damage correction. This leads to calming nerves. Thanks to the balanced performance of iftar and sahur, the body reduces the need for unnecessary consumption.

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