A glass that cleanses the whole body: What are the benefits of kefir? What is the use of drinking kefir water?

Kefir made from milk benefits many parts of the human body, from bone health to the intestines. Kefir, which has been consumed for centuries, is also one of the foods that strengthen the immune system and increase body resistance. We have searched for you what you wonder about kefir, which is considered the secret of a healthy life. So what are the benefits of kefir? What is the use of drinking kefir water?

Discovered centuries ago in the Caucasian countries, kefir is a food that is slightly thicker than yoghurt, which is obtained with a mixture of milk acid and alcohol fermentation. The yeasts it contains are living cells and multiply day by day. These cells are useful cells. Kefir, which is formed as a result of milk fermentation, is made with milk obtained from animals such as cows, sheep, goats and buffaloes. It contains water, milk acid, ethyl alcohol, milk sugar, casein, minerals, albumin and oil. In addition to providing benefits for diseases such as insomnia and loss of appetite, it is good for teeth and gums, as well as diseases such as asthma and eczema. This food, which is consumed as much as it is produced in Europe and America, is the beauty and youth elixir of many famous athletes and artists. Kefir, which almost renews the body, can also cause health problems when consumed excessively. That’s why experts recommend consuming it sparingly. Otherwise, more than one glass of kefir per day will cause diarrhea and fluid loss.


Dietitians usually recommend it to their patients who want to lose weight suddenly. Thanks to its rich mineral and vitamin content, it provides long-term satiety. It also keeps the body’s energy high by controlling the sugar during the day. It also strengthens immunity against diseases by renewing body cells. Since Tibetans drink a glass of kefir water every day, it has been revealed in the historical pages that they lived up to the age of one hundred years without any disease. Thanks to kefir, Tibetan soldiers are known to be strong and muscular. Today, experts who recommend it to people who do sports also emphasize that pregnant, children and the elderly should consume plenty. Kefir, which contributes to brain health by renewing nerve cells, also prevents forgetfulness and osteoporosis.

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It inhibits the proliferation of free radical circulating cells in the body. It strengthens immunity.

It prevents the formation of stones and sand by increasing the fluid ratio of the body and ensuring the functioning of the adrenal glands.

It lowers the bad cholesterol level.

It removes metal, salt and alcoholic substances that the body is exposed to due to nutrients and environmental factors.

It prevents eczema and psoriasis, which are the most common skin diseases. It prevents the proliferation of diseases.

By increasing the working function of the body, it makes the systems work better.

It balances the acid level of the stomach. It prevents the occurrence of diseases such as ulcers and reflux.

Since it balances blood pressure, it prevents situations that predispose to high blood pressure.

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It cleans the veins. It prevents the hardening of the vessel walls.

It meets 60 percent of the daily energy needed by the body.

It prevents fatty liver.

It destroys cancer cells. It inhibits the growth of cells.

Increases fat burning in fat-bound areas. It prevents weight gain.

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It cleans the intestines and prevents digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

Since it renews the digestive cells, it reduces the risk of mental illnesses.

It is a natural remedy for insomnia, which is the problem of almost everyone.

It is also effective in oral and dental health. It prevents rot and bad breath by reducing infected cells.

It meets the B complex that the body needs most.

It meets 70 percent of the calcium and protein the body needs.

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1 liter pasteurized milk

40 grams of kefir yeast

The milk is thoroughly boiled. It is left to cool. The cream formed on it is taken. When the milk cools down to 20 degrees, kefir is added. The jars are placed in a place with a temperature of 20 degrees by wrapping a cloth on and around them in such a way that the mouth of the jars will get air but not dust. One day later, milk coagulation is a sign that kefir has taken hold. It can be consumed after keeping it in the refrigerator overnight.

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