A different gift suggestion: personalized nutrition from FitChef

If you are tired of giving cliché gifts on New Year’s Eve, FitChef offers you and your loved ones careful and regular nutrition alternatives. You can show that you are thinking about the details for your loved ones with menus that you can send to the door with the possibility of choosing and customizing personalized materials by adding or removing them.

fitchef kisiye ozel diyet beslenme

Diet food service brand FitChef is with you in the new year as well. To show your loved ones that you care about even their most sensitive aspects,

fitchef kisiye ozel diyet beslenme 2
FitChef’s menus include “Slimming and Balanced Nutrition”, “High Protein Menu”, “Breastfeeding Mom Menu”, “Medical Menu” and “Vegetarian Menu”.

What is FitChef?

Founded in Istanbul Etiler in 2011, with the thought that people deserve to eat better and more nutritious meals, FitChef brings the personalized nutrition approach that has been successful all over the world to Turkey. Saying, “Everyone’s fingerprints are different, the food they should eat should be determined according to the characteristics of the person and be different from each other,” says FitChef, and prepares personalized meals. First of all, the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat that people who share their expectations by meeting with a FitChef dietitian and having their body analysis done are calculated. Together with the dietitian, a personalized menu is created according to the meals they like. Meals are delivered to your address fresh every day.

Today, meeting the clean, healthy and delicious food needs of many people, especially professional athletes, businessmen and TV/movie actors, Fitchef is among Turkey’s most preferred healthy cuisines.

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