A cure-all: How to prepare an aromatherapy spray? What is in aromatherapy oil?

Aromatherapy, which is made by combining 11 bikinin oils, is made both oil and spray. This miracle mixture, which is especially beneficial for mental illnesses, is also a natural remedy for health problems such as body aches and sinus congestion. Thanks to the powerful herbs it contains, it strengthens the nerves by working the five sense organs at the same time. So how to prepare an Aromatherapy spray? What is in aromatherapy oil?

Experts, who say that the secret of a healthy life is a well-rested body, recommends aromatherapy prepared from natural oils at home. Thanks to the plant oils it contains, it helps to relax both spiritually and mentally. Aromatherapy, thought to have been discovered by the Egyptians 6,000 years ago, has also been used by the Chinese in alternative medicine for centuries. Aromatherapy, which emerged when alternative medicine experts discovered their calming and pain-reducing effects in their research on plants, is prepared in two ways. Aromatherapy spray is the water prepared after the dried form of basil, bergamot, black pepper, clove, tea tree, rose, jasmine, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, lemon, orange peel, mint, basil, eucalyptus and ginger is boiled and garnished. Aromatherapy oil is made by combining the oils of the same plants and mixing them. It is also used as candles and incense. Thanks to the strong substances they contain, these plants leave a nice smell around. This fragrance provides mental relaxation.

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Add 5 fresh orange peels and a liter of water to the pot. At the same time, the juice of one lemon is squeezed into this water. Shells are also added. A pinch of the herbal form of black pepper, a teaspoon of dried lavender, jasmine, rosemary, basil and mint are added to the boiling water, respectively. The bottom of the pot, which continues to boil over low heat, is closed after an average of 5 minutes. Then, two slices of ginger, six leaves of fresh basil, 4 leaves of dried eucalyptus and tea tree are added into it. After infusing for 15 minutes, it is boiled for 3 more minutes. It is taken from the stove. The cooled water is added to a spray can. It should be mixed with each use. Also, it is better to keep it at room temperature. Those who want to use the water as a compress can put it in an ice bag and use it as ice. Or it can be stored in the refrigerator with a direct spray can.


Spray is generally used to spray into the medium. However, it can also be applied to curtains, pillows and quilts. In addition, the water in the spray can be added to the bath water. The hand is placed in a bucket for the foot. It is the most natural water to be used during body care. In addition, it can be boiled and the steam can be inhaled to open the blocked sinuses during upper respiratory tract diseases. By dipping a towel in boiling water and placing it on the neck and chest, these areas are relaxed through sweat. The same method can be used for body pain.

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Those who often experience stress and fatigue change the smell in the environment by lighting candles and incense prepared from aromatherapy in their homes. In this environment, the mind calms down more quickly. It calms nerve cells. In addition, the eucalyptus and cloves in its content make the hormones work more healthily. Thus, the person falls asleep more comfortably. Candles, sprays, oil or incense obtained from aromatherapy are generally used in mental hospitals in the therapy places and rooms of patients. It is also indispensable in massage parlors and baths.

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In addition to the ones mentioned above, jojoba oil is added to the oil. The oil is often used in skin care. In particular, it ensures the growth of healthy nails. When you drop the aromatherapy oil into the pouch and apply it to your body, it opens the pores. It helps to remove excess toxins from the body through sweat. This mixture, which contains menthol oils such as mint and basil, relieves indigestion when applied to the abdomen. It reduces pain in muscles and joints. It helps the body relax by lowering blood pressure.

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