A coffee break is enough to get fit!

According to studies, sitting for a long time slows down the metabolism by 90 percent. This situation invites many diseases such as heart, vascular and type 2 diabetes. A sedentary lifestyle causes 9 percent of premature deaths each year. Stating that it is never easier to take action during a coffee break with Fit Office Cards designed for desk workers, Healthy Life Coach Dilek Çalışır said, “While these cards enable you to take action, they also increase work efficiency. These cards, which are very practical to carry, use and apply, provide great convenience in shaping their bodies while specifying the exercise that a person should do daily.

fit ofis kartlari

Today, while many people spend their time at a desk in the office, they cannot spare time for sports due to their intense work schedule. This inactivity has many negative effects on our lives.

Exercise during a coffee break…

Fit Office Cards allow us to take a step towards a healthier life for those who lead a sedentary life and cannot spare time for exercise. Exercise movements that can be done during a coffee break make it possible to both activate the body and get away from stress.

With the cards containing 48 different movements, the blood circulation and accordingly the energy level change instantly. Visible tightening and thinning in the body shows its effects within 1 month when done regularly.

Change your lifestyle that first demotivates you

dilek calisir was sitting across from him. In the trainings I went to, I realized how harmful it is to our body. When I completed the training and returned to the company where I worked, I started to have these exercises applied. It was so good for us that I decided to produce them and put them up for sale.”

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