9 effective tips against winter depression

In these freezing and gloomy winter days, many people feel dejected, reluctant, sluggish, tired or even depleted. Sleep disorders and malnutrition also trigger depression. If these negative feelings are not limited to 2-3 weeks, you may be experiencing “winter depression”. Psychologist Sena Sivri explained 9 effective measures that can be taken against winter depression and made important warnings and suggestions.

mutsuz yalniz kadin ayrilik depresyon

According to studies, the risk of seasonal depression is 4 times higher in women than in men. Psychologist Sena Sivri explained 9 effective measures that can be taken against winter depression for Pudra.com readers.

1. Do not go to bed with a smart phone
Be careful about your sleeping pattern, that the room you sleep in is not too hot, and that it is protected from light and external sounds such as television. Leave your cell phone while lying on your bed. Spending time on social media or playing games on the mobile phone just before sleep affects sleep negatively and causes a tired start to the day. If the melatonin hormone secreted during sleep decreases due to external effects, a state of unhappiness and depression is observed in the person. Studies show that quality and regular sleepers are less likely to suffer from depression.

2. Take advantage of daylight
Create opportunities to take advantage of daylight. Try to spend work breaks and lunch hours outdoors. Do not stay indoors, do not be trapped in the house. Because the 20-30 minutes you spend in the open air, especially between morning and noon, increases the release of serotonin.

3. Do sports
Even if you have not been in the habit of doing sports regularly, you can now consider this as an opportunity and start by taking a walk. Regular, 30-minute brisk walking at least 3 days a week, in addition to its general health benefits, also contributes to seasonal depression by making one feel better and happier.

4. Spend time with your loved ones
Psychologist Sena Sivri “Due to the gloomy winter weather and the intensity of work, a person can shut himself off and cut off contact with his friends, stay away from his social environment, and even neglect his family. However, being in close relationships with your loved ones, family and friends will feed your soul and support you as a strong fighter against depression. By the way, if you have the opportunity, making a small holiday plan for the winter period will also increase your motivation.”

5. Stay away from pastries and sweets
Take care of a healthy diet. When the mood is depressed, the desire for dough and sweets increases as the release of serotonin decreases. Try to avoid this. Avoid a diet high in carbohydrates and sugar. Because otherwise, when the foods that are good for you at that moment are consumed excessively, they can lead to weight gain and make you even more unhappy. At the same time, since the feeling of pleasure and happiness they create is temporary, it can cause an addiction-like situation in people, causing a desire to consume constantly.

6. Free your mind
Have new interests. Get a hobby. Between work, home, school, and child responsibilities, take time for yourself and engage in an activity that will help you clear your mind. Emptying the mind distracts people from their responsibilities, and allows them to breathe and relax psychologically. Otherwise, depression can be experienced more easily and more intensely.

7. Do the things you don’t like first
Not all of our responsibilities are things we do very willingly. The general trend is mostly to postpone the work that we are unwilling to do. However, contrary to popular belief, this procrastination puts more pressure on people and leads to a more negative perception of that job. Therefore, do the things that you postponed because you do not like or are not willing, and put them out of your mind as soon as possible. Do not forget that other problems that you postpone and avoid to solve also have an effect on seasonal depression.

8. Practice breathing
Learn relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. Because yoga, meditation and breathing exercises provide relaxation in the body and also benefit the mood. For example; Scientific studies show that breathing exercises provide calming and relaxation in people because they increase the amount of oxygen entering the body and relax the muscles.

9. Do not hesitate to get expert support!
Psychologist Sena Sivri “Some people may not always be able to cope with every emotion and thought on their own, this is normal. Get professional help if needed. Because when depression is not treated, it can cause bigger problems in the person’s health as well as in his family life, work life and social environment.

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