7 suggestions to avoid sinusitis problem

Sinusitis is the infection process that occurs as a result of the filling of the air spaces under the eyes, above the eyes and inside the nose with infection or, if it becomes chronic, with polyps in the head area. Anyone can get sinusitis, but some people are at high risk. However, it is possible to prevent sinusitis with some simple precautions and a regular life. Here are 7 ways to avoid sinusitis!

sinuzit grip nezle burun akintisi

Those with weak immune systems, those who work at a very intense pace, those who are in closed environments for a long time, those who are exposed to sudden weather changes, those who cause stenosis in the nose Those with flesh growth and deformities often get sinusitis. Apart from these , 7 suggestions to prevent sinusitis

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Adjust sudden weather changes well.
  • If you have an allergic disease, be sure to complete the treatment. Because as long as the allergy lasts, the meat will grow and trigger sinusitis.
  • Your immune system; Keep it firm with nutrition, sleep, and rest. Decreased immunity invites not only sinusitis but all diseases.
  • Sinusitis attacks may increase due to deformities such as flesh growth and deviation in the nose. Therefore, do not delay the treatment of conditions that cause stenosis in the nose, such as polyps, nasal concha enlargement and deviation.
  • Do not go out with wet hair. Exposure to wind with wet hair triggers upper respiratory tract infection and, as a result, sinusitis.
  • Inhale cool steam. This is recommended by both pediatricians, internal medicine specialists and otolaryngologists. It is used as edema solvent and relaxant.

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