7 malpractices and behaviors that affect ear health

Loud noise and noise don’t just bother us personally; it also causes hearing problems in the long run. Likewise, ear cleaning sticks are not innocent at all. Ear drops used without paying attention to their active ingredients can also cause fungal infections.

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Our ears are more sensitive than we think. Some misbehaviors and practices can adversely affect ear health. For this reason, we received information on the subject from Hospital Intercontinental Ear Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Associate Professor Yavuz Selim Yıldırım about the practices that may impair ear health.

1. Loud sound and noise: Since the ears are sensitive organs, loud noise always damages the ears. Listening to loud music, shooting guns without ear protection, working in loud environments, being exposed to loud explosions, working in environments such as loud entertainment centers can damage hearing and cause tinnitus. This hearing loss may differ from person to person. Hearing loss can be permanent or temporary, depending on the degree and duration of exposure to loud noise.

2. Ear cleaning sticks: Ear cleaning sticks cause earwax to clog in the ear canal, damaging the ear. Normally, earwax tends to push itself out of the ear. With the use of ear sticks, this self-cleaning system of the ear is disrupted.

Another danger with ear buds is the possibility of damaging the eardrum by pushing the ear buds deeper. For this reason, it is recommended that you keep your young children away from ear sticks and do not make such applications near them. Because children tend to imitate their parents and elders. Because of this type of behavior, your child may unknowingly harm himself or a sibling.

3. Unconscious use of ear drops: Some ear drops are harmful to the ear, for example , ear drops containing gentamicin have a harmful effect on the ear. Random and unconscious use of these drops damages the ear. Some mixtures of unknown contents may disrupt the pH balance of the ear canal and cause fungal infections and inflammations in the ear.

4. Cell phone: Cell phones can damage the ear by emitting radiation and electromagnetic waves. Especially during the first call, holding the ear to the ear can cause tinnitus, throbbing and a feeling of deep pain by emitting electromagnetic waves at the most. People who have to talk a lot on a cell phone should use headphones. Again, there is a risk of explosion due to overheating of the lithium batteries in these phones. If these explode when held close to the head, they pose a life-threatening risk to the head.

5. Smoking: Smoking causes deterioration in blood vessels over time, impairing blood flow. Smoking inhibits blood flow, especially by affecting small capillaries. These capillaries provide the blood flow of our ear, and the deterioration of the blood flow results in hearing loss.

6. Drug use: Some antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs that we have to use can cause death of ear cells and may permanently damage hearing. You must be under constant control while using these drugs.

7. Piercing: If the piercing is done without hygienic conditions, the ear cartilage may melt and cause the ear to deform. Piercings to the ear cartilage should be done under the supervision of a physician. Again, earrings worn in the ear cause an allergic reaction in the ear, causing itching and swelling of the ear and causing an infection.

Don’t underestimate vertigo

​Ears play an important role in maintaining balance outside of hearing. Dizziness, ringing in the ear, increased pressure and a feeling of occlusion in the ear indicate that the balance system in the inner ear is affected. Underestimating these symptoms can cause damage to the hearing organ over time. Causes affecting the balance system are indications that hearing may also be affected. Therefore, patients with vertigo should be evaluated in detail by otolaryngologists.

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