6 ways to deal with back and wrist pain in office workers!

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We have brought together some rankings that should be considered in order to cope with back and shoulder pain due to sitting, one of the common health problems of those working in the office environment! Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Arel Gereli listed some suggestions for dealing with arm, hand, wrist, back and shoulder pains for those who work in the office from morning to night!

Pay Attention to the Way You Sit in the Office!

Especially for people who work leaning forward for a long time; it is imperative that they keep both themselves and their shoulder blades in a more upright position. Holding the scapula forward causes pain by disrupting the harmony of the surrounding muscles. Moreover, incompatible work of these muscles can lead to muscle tears in the shoulder in the long term. Muscle tear in the shoulder shows itself with night pain and loss of movement. Therefore, try to stand upright by yourself, prefer to stand upright.

Set the Eye Contact Range with the Computer Well!

Hold your computer screen at eye level and the keyboard close to your body with your arms relaxed. Avoid angling your shoulders forward by reaching toward the keyboard. Make sure that the keyboard and mouse are at a distance to prevent bending your arm joints. If the elbows and wrists are bent for a long time, they can compress the nerves adjacent to these areas, resulting in numbness, pain and loss of strength in the hands.

Tour for a Few Minutes in Half an Hour!

Staying still is harder than moving. Because in order to stay still, we need to keep our muscles constantly contracted. That’s why office workers suffer from chronic fatigue even though they sit all day. Constant contraction of the muscles in this area to keep the shoulders and arms stable will result in spasm and pain.

Stay Away From Unnecessary Communication Tools!

Misuse and excessive use of the mobile phone, the preference of written message channels for communication cause chronic pain, especially in the joints and muscles of the hand and forearm region; in a sense, it is consuming their useful life. Therefore, try not to use communication tools unnecessarily in your daily life.

Inform Your Friends!

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Arel Gereli said, “No matter how careful we are, we can miss these points during the busy day. For this reason, office workers should warn each other and motivate each other to raise awareness. Because rest assured, your colleagues are suffering from the same pain as you.”

If You Have Pain At Night, Attention!

Pain during the day can be relieved after work or during vacation periods. Because when the time you are exposed to the problem ends, the joints, muscles, tendons and nerves can recover. However, if your pain continues at night, there may be a situation that your body cannot heal. Therefore, if you have night pain in your shoulders, arms and hands, consult a specialist.

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