6 tips to speed recovery from flu and cold

Stating that the course of the flu is an unpredictable disease and its severity can vary from year to year, Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko , “The flu virus can be contagious for up to 7 days. To protect against the flu , one should stay away from closed and crowded areas, wash hands frequently, and those with chronic diseases and children over the age of 6 should definitely get the flu vaccine ” and made 6 recommendations to speed up the recovery process in flu treatment. found. Here are 6 suggestions that will help those with flu and colds to stand up more easily:

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1. Do not delay your treatment

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Follow the treatment given by your doctor without interruption. Do not make your own diagnosis and use drugs indiscriminately. In particular, antibiotics taken for treatment can do more harm than good. Medications prescribed for the flu; It is not directly aimed at infection, but to help improve symptoms, ease the disease and prevent complications. Not antibiotics; Antipyretic agents prescribed by the doctor, sprays that relieve nasal breathing, mouthwashes and lozenges for sore throat and burning, and vitamins to increase body resistance should be used.

2. Take a rest

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Even if the sick person is not in bed during this period, tiring exercises and movements should definitely be avoided, and one should rest for a few days. Influenza causes serious loss of workforce and school-age children. If it is not rested, both the treatment process is prolonged and the risks of side effects of the disease are increased. Another advantage of sick people’s rest is that they will not make other people sick and spread the disease in the institutions where they work.

3. Get enough sleep

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Sleep pattern is one of the most important details for body health. During sleep, especially in children, cells are renewed and the hormone melatonin is secreted. Sleeping an average of 7 hours a day strengthens the defense system of the organism.

4. Do not reduce your fluid consumption

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Drink plenty of water. You can also consume mixed herbal teas with ingredients such as linden, rosehip, raspberry, jasmine, chamomile, blackberry. Of course, you should also avoid excessive fluid consumption, as everything is harmful.

5. Eat well

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It has been scientifically proven that especially chicken broth soup is good for colds and flu. To learn how to make soup with chicken broth, watch our video:

6. Strengthen the immune system

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If you keep your immune system stronger by avoiding stress, regular sleep, adequate rest and avoiding smoking, it will be possible to overcome flu and colds more easily. .

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