5 tips for making delicious smoothies

Nutrition and Fitness Specialist İlker Çağlayan shared the points to be considered while making smoothies in his videos prepared in cooperation with UZMANTV. We have listed the most important tricks for Pudra.com readers for you.

saglikli smoothie

The easy way to make smoothies is to throw the materials into the robot without the queue. If your blender is powerful enough, you don’t need to split the ingredients. If not, you need to cut the ingredients into small pieces. Well

ilker caglayan unvan uzmantv

Things to consider in making smoothies

1. First of all, choose a good blender for smoothie

kahveli smoothie buz blender

The most important thing you need to know to start smoothie is the choice of blender. For smoothie you need a powerful blender. The blender you choose should have high motor power. If your blender isn’t powerful enough, it won’t be able to break up especially frozen fruit and ice. If you use a blender to mix soft vegetables and cake ingredients, it may break down due to these solid ingredients.

2. Pay attention to the order of ingredients in green smoothies

yesil smoothie 2

When making smoothies for detox, you can put the ingredients in the blender in any order you want. However, passing the liquid materials through the blender first will prevent the solid materials from collapsing to the bottom.

3. Remember that smoothie and juice are two different drinks

cilekli yesil smoothie

Smoothie is not like other fruit or vegetable juices. Not all fruits or vegetables you use may have juice. In a smoothie, you throw fruits and vegetables as a whole into the blender. Therefore, the selection of fruits and vegetables is very important in making smoothies.

If you use solid vegetables that do not have a lot of water together, you will get something like slurry or soup, and this smoothie will not be very pleasant to drink. For this reason, whatever you put in the smoothie, it is recommended to add a fruit or vegetable juice that will dilute it. For example, include juicy ingredients such as the juice of an apple, cucumber, juicy fruits or coconut milk in your smoothie ingredients.

4. Wash the ingredients you use for the smoothie very well

When making smoothies, remember that fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables, should be washed very well. Because vegetables are used as a whole and raw. For this reason, it may be a good solution to soak the vegetables you will use in vinegar water for about half an hour. Then you have to wash it again.

5. The quality of the material determines the flavor of the smoothie. Do not use bad material.

smoothie yapmanin puf noktalari

The quality of the material directly affects the flavor of the smoothie. For this reason, make sure that the ingredients you choose are of high quality and also suitable for making smoothies. For example, if you are going to make a green smoothie for detox, it is very important that the spinach you use here is tender and the arugula is baby arugula. Large spinach or large arugula used for meals rather than salads will add bitterness to your drink.

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