5 mottos that will impress you

Monday syndrome is experienced by the vast majority today. The definition may vary! Like good and bad, low and high, light and dark…

pudra motivasyon

“Gentleness in words creates trust, kindness in thought creates depth. Kindness in sharing creates love.” We list Lao Tzu’s 5 chains of interaction that will change our lives for Monday.

  • 1. Who wouldn’t want such an awakening!? 🙂

”If you want to awaken all humanity, awaken yourselves completely. If you want to end the suffering in the world, destroy the darkness and negative energy within you. In fact, the greatest gift you can give to the world is your own change.”

  • 2. The best thing you can do: Consume less 🙂

“If you fill your bowl to the brim, it will spill. If you keep sharpening your knife, it will go blind. If you chase money and security, your heart will never open. If you care about people’s approval, they You’ll be a prisoner. Do your job and step back. That’s the only way to serenity.”

  • 3. “What will I be like when I’m old?” If you want to give the best answer to the question…

“If you want to become whole, you must first allow yourself to be half. If you want to be straight, you will know how to be crooked. If you want to be full, you will accept being empty if necessary. If you want to be reborn, you will first know how to die, and if you want everything to be yours, you will first know how to give up everything.”

  • 4. You can’t rewind the process!

“All of life is a spontaneous movement towards perfection. Don’t use force against him, don’t force him, because eventually he’ll be back to his old self. Let life flow naturally.”

  • The conditions have changed with the fairy tale heroes 🙂 You cannot stay away from change!

”When you realize that everything is changing, you don’t make any effort to keep anything. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve.”

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