4 simple 2-minute exercises that will increase your happiness level

You can turn it into a cocktail by doing the exercises we all know for short periods of time in a row. Doing each of the four simple exercises for only 30 seconds will be enough for your fitness. Moreover, a tighter and fit body is also a gift!

dogru squat egzersizi feat

Regardless of the duration of exercise, simple but effective exercises you will do every day will help your body release endorphins and increase your energy. These exercises you will do regularly will also help your body look more shapely and fit.

Here’s a quick “workout cocktail” for a simple everyday

1. Jumping jack (30 seconds)

jumping jack egzersizi

2. Squat (30 seconds)

dogru squat egzersizi feat

3. Push-up (30 seconds)

basic push up

4. Half shuttle (30 seconds)

yarim mekik

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