4 misconceptions of shy people

About 40% of the population state that they are shy.

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What do you think is the difference between social phobia (social anxiety disorder) and shyness in a society where 40 percent of them express themselves as shy? This difference is understood depending on the degree of anxiety caused by the situation. A shy person adapts to the situation in time. However, the phobic person places too much importance on the source of anxiety.

So, what are the 4 misconceptions that people with shyness produce for themselves in order not to act, but which are unfortunately illogical? Researchers named Michael and Giroda identified four irrational basic beliefs in those with shyness as a result of their experiences.

1. Good things happen if you stop and wait in social situations
This fallacy is derived from fear of starting a conversation. However, for two people to meet, at least one of them must make an effort. Why can’t this be you?

2. Other people are lucky to be invited to social events.
This is also a misconception. Active people make an effort to meet others and pass the time. They leave very little to chance.

3. Wherever I am, my opportunity to socialize will always be the same.
This is also an excuse not to make an effort.

4. If someone seems indifferent to me, they certainly don’t love me and they won’t.
This belief also causes you to be afraid of people and feel lonely for no reason. However, love takes time.

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