3rd Ephesus Ultra Marathon is on March 16!

The 3rd Efes Ultra Marathon will be held on March 16 this year, with the participation of Global Wellness Day. Runners will run at the 3rd Efes Ultra in t-shirts that support the Global Wellness Day, which spread from Turkey to the whole world.

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Cycling Classics France in France, 5K Public Race organized by Tecate Municipality and GWD Mexico in Mexico and Thailand After many different marathons and cycling races such as the Preserve Hua Hin Half Marathon held every year in Turkey, GWD will now participate in the Efes Ultra Marathon in its home country. GWD, which has reached 300 million people all over the world so far, reached approximately 1500 more people with the Ephesus Ultra Marathon and this year , on Saturday, June 8, everyone will be at Kuşadası Sevgi Beach . invites.

Global Wellness Day is celebrated together on the 2nd Saturday of June every year in 120 countries and more than 5000 points . The number of people it reaches continues to grow with each passing year.

Organized entirely on voluntary basis and free of charge, Global Wellness Day will be celebrated with millions of people all over the world on the same day.

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Aiming to be better both physically and spiritually, GWD meets with marathon speakers to raise awareness of individuals and society on “good life” . It aims to reach everyone who comes and says “yes for a better life” .

The 3rd Ephesus Ultra Marathon, which is expected to participate in approximately 1500 runners, will be held with the main sponsorship of Richmond Ephesus Resort on three tracks of 12, 25 and 55 kilometers.

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