20 great reasons to walk

A little movement is better than inactivity!

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Walking, which does not require any equipment and is of great importance for health; from heart health to acceleration of metabolism; It plays a big role in many areas from losing weight to preventing mental and neurological disorders.

Walking protects both physical and mental health.

Emphasizing the importance of regular walking, experts underline that at least 30 minutes of walking should be done a day. Therefore, take a walk for at least 30 minutes a day!

Since 1991, the first weekend of October has been celebrated as World Walking Day every year. Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department Lecturer Dr. Yıldız Erdoğanoğlu made important evaluations about the effects of walking on physical and mental health.

We have 20 reasons to walk!

Stating that walking has a special place especially in health, where preventive approaches gain more importance, Erdoğanoğlu listed the effects of walking on health as follows:

1. “Walk everywhere, in every season and every day. You can do it at different times at home, on vacation, by the sea, in nature, in the mountains… As long as you want to do it

2. Walking doesn’t require any complicated equipment and you make the rules.You have to have a suitable outfit for walking, a sneaker, and walk out the door.

3. You can walk both individually and with your friend

4. Walking makes your heart strong, regulates your blood circulation. Your heart pumps more blood to your body tissues.

5. Regular walking reduces the risk of death from heart diseases by 40 percent

6. It strengthens your bones and prevents osteoporosis in advanced ages. s.

7. Walking reduces stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

8. It accelerates your metabolism.

9. If you do light jogging, it will increase your lung volume and allow you to breathe better.

10. It increases your body’s resistance against infectious diseases such as colds.
11. With walking, increased serotonin and endorphins give your body a happy posture.

12. Regulates your insulin levels naturally. In a sense, this means natural toughness.

13. If you take regular walks, you will sleep better and most importantly, your sleep quality will increase.

14. You will have healthier skin.

15. Because regular walking releases natural chemicals that relieve pain, you will experience fewer complaints such as migraines or headaches.

16. Walking helps you control your weight. For example; If you are a person weighing 70 kg, you will burn 149 calories by walking at a fast pace for half an hour. In other words, by walking for an hour a day, it is possible to lose approximately 1-3 kg per month, depending on your weight and walking speed.

17. It is protective against diseases such as dementia, depression and Alzheimer’s. It improves your cognitive abilities.

18. If you do light jogging, your red blood cell count will increase and your blood vessels will become more elastic.

19. Your liver removes waste materials from your body more easily.

20. If you do light jogging regularly, it will set your biological age back up to 12 years.

Lect. Member Yıldız Erdoğanoğlu said, “In principle, a little bit of movement is much better than not moving at all,” and concluded: “It is healthy to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. A total of 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity activity per week for adults is recommended by the World Health Organization. Moderate-intensity activity means somewhat breathless but not sweaty. Keep walking, keep moving!”

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