11 simple meditation rules from Samantha Clayton

If you want to relax your mind and get away from the mess for a while, meditation and yoga tips from personal trainer Samantha Clayton are on Powder.com.

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Stressful lives often cause both weight gain and anxiety. Samantha Clayton , Herbalife’s Global Vice President of Athlete Performance and Fitness Trainings and famous for being the personal trainer of famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo last year , said, “If you are looking for ways to relax your mind and get away from the chaos for a while, my meditation and yoga suggestions are just right. It might be for you too.”

Stretching with yoga, calmness with meditation

After a tiring day or when starting the day, you can purify your mind and maintain your positive outlook with just a few simple yoga moves. Meditation means time spent to get out of the chaos of life, to calm the mind and gain some kind of awareness. In this sense, Samantha Clayton gives practical meditation advice that can be useful for you to calm your mind and evaluate life with a clearer mind.

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11 simple meditation rule

1. Meditation does not require complete silence and solitude. In everyday life, absolute silence is not possible, especially in a house or office with children. However, you should stay away from factors that may distract you, such as phones, tablets, computer screens, and a noisy environment. If you’re in the office, simply turn your chair upside down from the screen. If you are at home, you can close your bedroom door.

2. Do not think that you need special equipment for meditation, such as a yoga mat, bell or blanket, because you can meditate anywhere. The less material you need, the quicker and easier you will get into the application.

3. Try sitting or lying down where you feel comfortable. You can keep your eyes open or closed, act however you feel comfortable.

4. Do not force yourself to start breathing in a particular style, such as breathing from the diaphragm or nose. Initially, this may hinder you or even cause you to feel dizzy. Once you start to feel comfortable with meditation, you can work on the breathing technique.

5. Focus on your breath. Feel the air entering and leaving your body. In short, become aware of your breath and how it feels.

6. Don’t get caught up in negative thoughts when you think of your shopping or to-do list. Take your mind off the grocery list and focus on breathing again.

7. Don’t make a long list of affirmations or goals that you think about or say out loud.
8. Identify one or two keywords that will help you relax or drive you to feel positive.

9. Enjoy getting out of chaotic life.

10. Aim to spend 20 minutes in silence once or twice a day. Remember that meditation is a practice just like yoga.

11. If standing still is not for you, you can meditate while walking or running. For example, I, Samantha Clayton, called her Sunday runs ‘mom getaway’ and focused on her breath during these runs, relaxing and clearing her mind in this way. If he has difficulty in relaxing, he counts his steps rhythmically as 1-2, 1-2; Afterwards, she was focusing on her breathing again and doing some yoga stretches. With these methods, you can spend an hour without understanding how, and you can get ready to energetically fulfill the task of keeping an eye on your children in the playground.

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