10 ways to be happy in 2020

With the approach of a new year, many people are preparing to make new resolutions. As every year, this year too, people are looking for ways to lead a more enjoyable and healthier life. If you want your world to change, change your world. First of all, yourself… Here are 20 ways to live a happier and more peaceful life in the new year !

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On the last day of the year, wishes are made, dreams are made and the next year is entered with endless hopes. Specialist Psychologist Selin Karabulut from Anadolu Health Center mentioned the importance of taking action to make dreams come true and listed 10 tips for having a pleasant and healthy New Year.
1. Stop complaining and being grumbled. “Will I have an effect on solving the problem, what can I do?” Think about it and don’t delay to solve your problems.
2. In order to live a healthier life, take rational steps to take care of a healthy diet and do exercises whenever you find time.
3. Let this be the year you leave your bad habits behind. For example, quit smoking. Put an end to all kinds of bad habits that are taking over your health, mind and pocket.
4. Take more time for yourself. You only come into life once, stop dedicating it to others. Make time for the things you enjoy doing. Do not waste any more time on things that steal your time, tire you and deal with it.
5. Share your love, happiness and joy with those around you, express that you care about them at every opportunity, and take care to be there for them in good and bad times.
6. Set goals and make short and long-term plans to achieve those goals. Be careful not to put off your goals.
7. Avoid clichés, don’t let clichés rule your life.
8. Take action to do the things you postponed for a long time. Try to reduce these works without procrastinating and getting lazy. Managing your time well can make it easier for you to realize the things you postponed.
9. Don’t be afraid to love! Do not forget that the most basic problems between spouses can be solved with love and affection.
10. Create opportunities for your children to explore and experiment. Remember that their life may be very different from what you present to them.

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