10 suggestions to reduce reflux complaints

Although reflux is a problem that manifests itself with burning and heartburn problems in the stomach, it can also lead to cough and hoarseness. In addition, long-lasting and untreated reflux disease can pave the way for the formation of cancer in the esophagus.

refluye karsi beslenme reflu tedavisi

Depending on eating habits and frequent consumption of certain foods, stomach acid and stomach contents may leak back into the esophagus. Even food can reach the throat. This condition is called reflux.

Symptoms of reflux

  • Burning in the front of the chest and sometimes in the throat
  • Dry cough
  • Dental diseases
  • Sound Hoarseness
  • Sore throat
  • Middle ear inflammation

If the patient has complaints such as pain and burning sensation in the chest, difficulty in swallowing, difficulty swallowing the bites, if there is a feeling of strangulation while swallowing the bites, If there are some symptoms such as weight loss and early satiety, a gastroenterology specialist should be consulted

Pay attention to these to reduce reflux complaints:
1. Changes should be made regarding living conditions. Changing meal times and diet comes first.
2. If the patient is overweight, he must lose weight. Because obesity paves the way for reflux with a number of mechanisms and increases reflux complaints.
3. The stomach should not be filled too much, small portions should be consumed.
4. Large portions should not be consumed after prolonged starvation.
5. Foods such as fried foods, chocolate and fatty foods that are emptied late and that make it difficult to empty from the stomach should not be preferred.
6. Care should be taken while consuming spicy foods, foods that are not felt to be good for the stomach should not be consumed.
7. The stomach should not be full, especially in the evening before going to the lying position. It is important not to consume liquid or solid food at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. When the stomach is full, it is easier for the stomach contents to escape into the esophagus. This can also cause sleep apnea. Even if there are other reasons under sleep apnea, reflux disrupts sleep patterns.
8. In reflux complaints, it is more appropriate to raise the head of the bed 30- 45 cm instead of raising the pillow.
9. Movements that increase abdominal pressure should not be performed after meals. It is necessary to wait for a while for physical movements that will cause bending and straightening.
10. Clothing that tightens the waist should not be worn.

Editor’s suggestion: Patients who do not respond to treatment can undergo surgery
Reflux treatment varies for each patient. Patients who take long-term medication should go to the doctor at least twice a year. In some patients, it may be necessary to repeat the endoscopy every few years at times determined by the doctor. Usually, the complaints go away after necessary adjustments in eating habits, weight, daily life and drug treatment. However, in some patients, the drugs may not be sufficient or it may be necessary to use drugs for a very long time. Reflux surgery is performed in this group of patients.

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