10 great traits of people with ADHD

The most diagnosed disease of the last century, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But is this disorder really always a problem? Maybe someone with ADHD is one of those people on your “to-do list” that you should definitely spend a full day on in your life. We wanted to talk about the wonderful features of this disorder in October, the ADHD awareness month, to learn what a creative and active ADHD person adds to the world and the flow of life. Maybe, thanks to this article, you will be proud to say “I have an excuse, I have ADHD” and now you will be warned “Be careful, he is great” both for yourself and for other people with ADHD!

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Most diagnosed disease of the last century: “Look out, he’s amazing!”

October is a month in which efforts have been made to raise awareness about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) every year since 2004. I also want to show some of the good sides of ADHD in ADHD awareness month. Aren’t there negative sides, yes of course there are, but if what we focus on is the negative side, we focus on the obstacles instead of focusing on the solutions. Let’s look at ADHD from this perspective…

Why do people have ADHD?

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions on this subject. For example, there are those who think that the lack of discipline of the parents, a restless family environment, excessive sugar consumption or being in front of the screen cause Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and there are no scientific results supporting the certainty of any of these. Of course, some environmental factors can be counted among the causes of ADHD.

Studies have shown that drugs taken by the mother while still in the womb, alcohol or cigarettes may also have an effect. It can be said that factors such as exposure to lead or food intolerance can also cause ADHD. However, it is not possible to state the exact and exact causes of ADHD. Still —although there is still debate research shows that ADHD is mostly a genetic condition . That is, “ His father was like that. He forgot his homework at school. His head was very messy. Phrases such as “He was fidgety” actually reflect the truth exactly!

While many parents sneer at what is different from what they call their child “normal” , you see all these differences as a gift. Because it is. We could still be walking around with leaves or animal skins if it wasn’t for those who dress outside the standard, right? If Galileo, unlike everyone else, hadn’t said that the world is round at the cost of dying, we would still think we live on a flat tray. This is the same for ADHD! Parents startle when they say “Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder”. In children and young people, the perception of “I am flawed” begins immediately. That’s why I don’t like the word “disorder”. Because this is not “ disorder” . Just a “ difference” . And like every “difference”, it is a difference that adds a lot of richness to the person it is in. Let ADHD stand for “ Be Careful, He’s Awesome ” from now on!

dikkat eksikligi ve hiperaktivite bozuklugu dehbli insan

So how are people with ADHD?

ADHD people

  • They are creative
  • They are good entrepreneurs because they are like an idea generator
  • They are fun
  • they are unique
  • they work enthusiastically of course if they love
  • Do what you put in your mind, they are persistent
  • Easily finds a solution to all kinds of problems,
  • Can be overly focused on the subject that interests them,
  • They are tireless.

To summarize briefly, it is a carnival for those who live life with you; even life without ADHD would be very boring. “Spending time with someone with ADHD” is an item that should be on the “ to-do list ” for someone who has not met with ADHD before.

Do not think that ADHD is unique to children. ADHD; It is not a difference that passes over time, but a difference that will be with you throughout your life, and therefore with you when you become an adult. Many adults, and even studies show that less than half of adult ADHD sufferers are aware that they have ADHD, that they accept the situation, thinking that others are just “messy”, and they live this way.

What I will share below may not apply to all people with ADHD. Or, I’m not saying that if you don’t have ADHD, you can’t have these features. Only research

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