10 benefits of pilates

Pilates, a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Hubert Pilates at the beginning of the twentieth century, has many benefits for the body. Pilates, which has many benefits from correcting posture disorders to ending orthopedic pain, also has different benefits such as improving self-confidence and reducing stress as a result of providing bodily control.

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Pilates is divided into two as mat pilates and instrument pilates. Mat pilates, on the other hand, is a type of physical movement in which the body’s own weight is made. While body weight is used in mat pilates classes, a spring system is added to it in instrument pilates classes. However, regardless of mat or reformer, the same muscle groups are exercised in both types of pilates and the lessons are based on the basic pilates principles of breathing, concentration, centering, control, precision and fluency. Here are 10 amazing benefits of regular pilates!

Benefits of Pilates:
1. It gives strength and flexibility to muscles, protects joints and bones, increases bone density.
2. Increases blood circulation.
3. Improves body posture, strengthens core muscles.
4. When done regularly, it relieves chronic pain, especially helps to relieve back pain.
5. Accelerates metabolism, helps you lose weight.
6. Increases self-confidence.
7. Increases concentration, prevents injuries.
8. Improves balance and coordination, provides the opportunity to do multiple exercises.
9. It is used in the rehabilitation of many chronic orthopedic, neurological and psychological diseases.
10. It reduces stress and makes people happy.

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